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A pack with three minor gameplay affecting things, a graphical enhancement, and an alternate NPC looks plugin. Additionally the Main quest has been documented completely in the Video Walkthroughs.

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Some addons have been added here, and should hopefully be authorized soon. They are better Telvanni Normals by IshmaelTheForsakenOne. This one make the Telvanni Mushrooms included in the mod look better:

Example 1Example 2

Another is the Alternate Faces plugin by LazyMonk. This one offers alternate face structures, eyes, and/or hair on the NPCs for those of you that don't like the default appearances.

Lastly is a collection of three little edits made by Rylasasin. Two of them allow you to decorate the main guild outposts where you normally wouldn't be able to, and the third gets rid of a aesthetically pleasing animation that a NPC has in return for faster movements and her having an easier time getting around.

In other news, the Video Walkthrough series has reached it's end for the time being.The main quest line has been completed, and I don't have much time to continue it currently. Here's the most recent video:


Telvanni buildings never have looked like they adjusted well to being in the brightness of Oblivion. Morrowind was always dark, and they fit there. But you've got a pretty amazing mod going here. :)

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