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Some thoughts on 3.4's launch. May contain salt

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So 3.4 launched yesterday and let's go over what happened

*Vote menu on full install was misisng.

*Item_game.txt was missing, cutting people off from non-stock weapons.

*several new CTD bugs discovered

*Piss, the never ending assist

Granted we had a week to put this all together and it was still botched. However, and this is a big however, we want to thank those who showed up, those who reported the bugs as we fixed the plane as it was on fire and in a power dive. Those that communicated and still had the will to play, thank you guys. It was fun last night playing. Despite the Challenger shuttle level failure of 3.4's launch it was still enjoyable, even through all the screaming between the main coder and I (mostly us wondering what the fuck is happening to our world). We still had our community willing to play and put up with the bugs (the lag no so much).

We're fixing it, and if you've downloaded 3.4 full prior to this going up, do yourselves a favor and grab the 3.4.1 patch. If you're not sure, grab the patch anyways to save a headache or two.

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