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This article will describe the progress that has been made over the last week. All changes will be documented below.

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Hello! It's really cool that you know the project got a lot of quite major changes!

The changes include:

  1. New weapon
  2. New NPC
  3. New maps
  4. General fixes

New weapon

New unique weapon - Universal Semi-Auto Rifle. It is capable of shooting under water and has powerful bullet of 7.92 mm caliber. Generally, it replaces the original TFC sniper rifle from OG They Hunger.

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Zombified Barney's AI was ported. He's hostile, he's angry, he's zombie.


New maps

In the new build, all intro maps and they5.bsp are ported. All scripts are working and the maps are quite playable.

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20220629223026 1

20220629223048 1

20220629223106 1

20220629223134 1

20220629223322 1

20220629223342 1

20220629223350 1

20220629223421 1

Stay tuned for more!


I'm liking what you've done far, especially with modifying the Sniper Rifle.

See that right there is kind of what I meant earlier about new or changed stuff, like by that I mean changes/improvements to the mod (gameplay or level design-wise) that aren't too drastic/stray far from the original mod, things that are or might be necessary and take advantage of what Source can do what GoldSrc couldn't back then, like what the Source conversion of Heart of Evil did.

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Why the downvote again?

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