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This article will show you the progress made in recent days. The changes are quite serious and we captured them on video and screenshots.

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(demo is out, feel free to download it now)

They Hunger: Source Demo

Greetings everyone!

The changes incude:

  1. Game menu
  2. New weapon models for the HD Mode
  3. Zombie models
  4. New map

Game menu

Game menu has been improved, so it be aesthethical to They Hunger mod's atmosphere.

20220621124954 1

20220621125005 1

20220621125013 1

New weapon models for HD Mode

In the new build, ported weapon model pack made by MTB. It contains reanimations of higher quality. But if you are not agreed with the results, you can uncheck "HD Mode" box, then your weapon models would be default.

20220621125918 1

20220621125921 1

20220621125926 1

20220621125929 1

20220621125932 1

Zombie models

More They Hunger zombie models have been added, so the zombie fauna would be more rich.

20220621133738 1

20220621133744 1

20220621133837 1

New map

Fully ported another map. It is they3.bsp. All scripts are working perfectly and it is quite playable.

20220621125220 1

20220621125243 1

20220621125249 1

20220621125308 1

20220621125546 1

20220621125555 1

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