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First public playable build of They Hunger: Source! Which was made in 1 week was released, now you can appreciate it! You will like it, rest assured.

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This build have major changes to the mod, the changes include:

  1. Graphics upgrade
  2. Interface update
  3. Improving and fixing bugs we have found by ourselves.

Graphics upgrade

Made a major upgrade to the graphics - upscaled all textures. All textures in the game now have high resolution, higher than the original. The results are fascinating! But if you are not amused with the upscalement, game gave you an option: you can switch this feature off, or on. To do so, you have to check or uncheck "enable HD models" in Video settings.

Interface update

When you have your HD mode turned on, you'll also have modern HUD, that added recently. Again, if you don't need these changes, you can always switch HD mode off.

Improving the mod and fixing bugs

Improved and fixed "The Church" map, so it is exactly identical to it's original. Also added dynamic real-time background map support, added custom, aesthetical background map.


If you have encountered any glitch our bug - report it immediately in our DMs, or in commentary section.


They Hunger: Source Demo

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