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Howdy dear ladies and gents. While we’re working on the full game to list it on Steam asap, I thought that sharing some of our in-game concepts may be fun.

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Few words about myself. I’m an author and have so far published 3 books, here in Russia. Being keen on history, I usually tend to draw my inspiration from the times long gone. So this project was not an exception in this sense, only this time it’s a game, not the book.

We started in February last year as soon as I had the script for the first Episode ready. Back then we didn’t really have any visual or stylistic concept in mind.

That’s how the Guardsman looked at first.

Well, I mean that’s how the artist thought he looked. However I had a different vision. If I knew one thing for certain that was me not wanting your typical, trivial elf-knight-orc-dragon kinda stuff. That’s too cliched at the moment, I think. What we needed was some fresh wind, the universe which could resonate in a new way (if that’s possible at all).


That’s what the Guardsman was transformed into.

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That's how the Guardsman looks now except the lamp.

Now let's see the creation of another character - 9K Gangbanger.





Please stay tuned for updates and new info for Project Pastorate. Soon (before the release which is bound to occur shortly) we will have other news.

Thank you very much for your attention, ladies and gents.

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