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We are glad to introduce you the next version of The Word of Tolkien Modification! New systems. New heroes. Changed and updated units. Fixed bugs that were in the first version. First quarter of 2023. Happy New Year!

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New heroes and upgraded Ents

Powers Menu 2 0

Extanded Powers Menu (Light) that includes two new heroes (Gimli and Legolas). Legolas has limited arrows finally! He does not have an infinite number of arrows. You must place the hero close to the Archery range to get new arrows.

New Mount/Dismount system for heroes

Updated horse system

You must place the hero in the Stables, he will mount his horse and come out automatically.

Promised Food system Food system 2 0

Your soldiers get hungry if you don't have Farms that produce food.

And much more! Thank you!

officialNecro - - 1,389 comments

These are some very interesting concepts, it'll just be a matter of properly balancing them so that it feels rewarding rather than punishing.

Is it possible to dismount heroes anywhere? Will legolas and other archers have abilities to generate some amount of arrows without needing to go to an archery range? For example, Legolas could have an ability where he crafts arrows that freezes him in place for some time and then replenishes his quiver.

Looking forward to more.

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TWOTP Author
TWOTP - - 74 comments

Thank you very much for the encouragement!

It is possible to dismount heroes anywhere. Moreover, Gandalf the White can mount his horse anywhere because he has Shadowfax. Tolkien wrote that it is quite an unusual horse so we decided to highlight it using this way.

Legolas will not be able to create arrows by himself. He pulls out his daggers automatically when the quiver is empty. We will add a similar system to archers in the future. Perhaps we should modificate the system for Dunedain in order to provide them the ability to create arrows by themselves because of their life style and natural skills. There is this possibility that we will add the system for archers in the next version but it's not for sure. We are doing the modification in order to create a canonically accurate and realistic gameplay.

Your ideas are brilliant, thank you so much! We will consider them really carefully. I especially like the idea about crafting arrows.

Thank you again!

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