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Carbon Studio is happy to announce that their action-adventure VR spellcaster The Wizards will leave Early Access on March 8th. With the full release, players will get a chance to slay fearsome creatures in new story chapters and upgrade all their spells to more powerful variants.

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Carbon Studio announced that their action-adventure VR spellcaster will leave Early Access on March 8th. During last seven months, the developers of The Wizards introduced plenty of new content to the game, including new spells, new types of enemies, and new levels that more than doubled the length of the game. The team has also redesigned the movement scheme of the game to address players’ feedback, going from node-based teleportation to free movement and free teleportation.

In the final update, The Wizards will receive three new story chapters (including a boss fight against a fierce dragon) and Master Enchantments - alternative versions of all the spells that can be earned through in-game challenges.

To celebrate the announcement, Carbon Studio released new screenshots and a Mixed Reality trailer powered by the team at LIV, who developed a plugin that enables MR in Unreal Engine and Unity games:

"We had a blast helping Carbon Studio get set up with Mixed Reality for The Wizards, and showing off some of our camera and avatar technology. We are excited to see this team take spellcasting in VR to the next level." LIV Co-founder AJ "Dr Doom" Shewki

The Wizards is available now and will be fully released on Steam and Oculus Store on March 8th, 2018 priced at $20. After this date, Carbon Studio team will focus on the Playstation VR version of the game that is scheduled to release later this year.

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