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A quick explanation why I decided to introduce a voice actor to you so early.

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On the 8th of May I uploaded a video titled: "The Voices: James Paul".

Some of you might wonder why I decided to hire and introduce a voice actor this early into development. The answer is quite simple: It's suppose to prove that I not only have a team of voice actors, but also a script and that we are actively working on the mod. TBD mods suffer from a bad rep, because many of them never get published. It's easier to abandon a project if there never was an announced release to begin with. And yes, this could happen to our mod as well, but as of right now we didn't run into a single reason to trash this thing. We want to make sure that the quality of our mod isn't limited by time. It'll release when the entire team is satisfied with the outcome, not a day sooner.

I'm Jonas from the Anti-Citizen Team, have a nice weekend.

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