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The Visor™ ...or the so called "legal wallhack". Yes, it's real + Extras!

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Presenting to you: The Visor ™

This marvelous device integrated in your helmet provides you: ability to see in dark, ability to see small to medium sized objects and creatures through objects.

As shown in this demonstration it works perfectly fine!

Do not listen to this guy we still are testing it out and it will be shipped sometime (i hope) this year.1

If charge of The Visor ™ drops below 20% it starts to flicker2

If charge of The Visor ™ depletes, it can be turned on only after it recharges to 50%.

For some reason last gif wont upload.

"Gorrog please for the last time I'm asking you to do your job and finish presentation of the product."

some strange stuff that was happening when our coder was working with hud a while back.

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haha ultrakill reference go brrrr20210916164604 1 1

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