Post news RSS The Update that will REIMAGINE the tower defense genre.

No. It's not only "adding more towers", it's not only "renewing what works". It's something so epic that we don't even think we can pull off, so you're going to have to bear with us.

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I'd like to begin by answering a few questions.

No, we haven't died. We haven't given up on Cubelander yet. We've been spending our time cooking up a huge update for Cubelander that will defy every expectation of a tower defence game. We can't wait to share with you the features of the upcoming major content update.

First up is the revamped tower select! It's been refitted so you can not only equip your TOWERS but also bring different spells, and DEFENDERS.

image 2023 02 03 193631438

We're also including a few quality of life changes, with "Use Previous Loadout" and "Clear", to streamline this process.

And well... you might think

Spell select? Isn't there only one spell?

Not anymore.

image 2023 02 03 203951304

Make yourself acquainted with Cripple, a new spell that applies an escalating slow and attack penalty on all enemies on the screen.

While orbital strike's effects are instantaneous and deal a huge blow to enemies on screen, Cripple is more sneaky, taking time to set in and reduce enemies to nothing more than punching bags over a few seconds!

There's also more spells to come... but you're going to have to check out the game when v1.2 releases for it!

image 2023 02 03 204450794

Remember this? (Spoiler alert)

It's the one and only level in Geometric Void, where you show down against Mrithus, the evil void cult overlord. Well.

We're going to add a few more levels to the world in the post-game, where you can return to the precarious depths of the void and fight invigorated void spawns! (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted)

image 2023 02 03 205340535

"It is said that even the boldest adventurers dare not to enter the cosmic graveyard"

image 2023 02 03 210333828

We often make changes to the towers and defenders in the arsenal each update so that the game is fresh to play.

The Ballista and Toxic Sentry have felt neglected for a while. And it's about time we gave them some love.

When can you ever find a mechanical metallic ballista that fires energetic bolts that pierce armor?

Only in Cubelander -

image 2023 02 03 210836420

The Ballista acts as a counter to armored enemies such as the Spherium! Watch out if you're armored, because the Ballista ignores a portion of enemy armor on hit!

And last but not least, and with a little less green:

image 2023 02 03 211003080

The new toxic sentry, has the same function: poisoning enemies on hit. But now it looks a lot more toxic and dangerous and a little bit less bright-green. (It's no longer jealous of the other towers)

And we're not done yet. But, we'd like to keep our posts relatively short. If you want more Cubelander related things, you should check out Cubelander on Steam at the link below:

Can't wait? We can't either.

- Hyperreal Games

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