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Stage 2 is released! See the download section for downloads! **Must have a clean copy of Legacy before you install**

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Ultimate Universe 2.0 Installer - Part 1
Ultimate Universe 2.0 Installer - Part 2
**You need both part 1 and part 2 to play!**
Go There and get it!

This has been tested under Multiplayer
with Game Ranger - with Windows XP - and she works like a charm! Get a
stock Legacy install ready - NO PATCH! You'll be installing Stock Legacy, and our mod. No Patch. More details
to come.

Ultimate Universe 2.0 Readme

You can select
which directory to install the mod into although it has been set to the
default Legacy directory. The installer places all the files in the
proper places inside your Legacy folder. You must have a brand new
unmodded install of Legacy for this mod. Ultimate Universe is Not
compatible with any other mods.

If you wish to see the correct
chucking of nacelles and such things when they are blown off your ship,
you must not install the Bethesda Softworks Legacy 1.1 or 1.2 patches
(people with Direct to Drive versions of Legacy unfortunately start out
with the 1.1 or 1.2 patch). Ultimate Universe DOES work with either
patched or unpatched versions of Legacy.

There are 10 playable
races in Single Player and Multiplayer Modes. Dominion Alliance
(includes Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen), Terran Empire, Section 31,
Multi Era (Various ships from Xindi, Vulcan, etc), Borg Alliance (Borg
and Assimilated Ships), and Ubber (Extra Powerful ships) are selectable
in addition to the original four (Federation, Romulan, Klingon and

Note the various game modes added by the Ultimate
Universe, Battlefest Mode by Maxloef, Exploration Mode by Chris Jones,
Target Practice by Jc2006, Vs Armada by Muldrf, Vs Battle by Muldrf,
Instant Random Vs by Muldrf, Exploration of History by Muldrf. Also
Included are some of the modes from UU1.0 by Tjoz including Survival,
System Conquest which now contain basic scripting for a slightly
enhanced experience.

The Ultimate Universe is fully Multiplayer
capable when properly installed on an Windows XP system. Multiplayer
will Not work on Vista or Windows 7. We have found that using Hamachi
helps when connecting for Multiplayer - use the LAN setting even when
using Unpatched Legacy. Legacy Multiplayer works with Gameranger as
well, but is limited to a maximum of 4 players.

The Ultimate
Universe Tools utility is included to allow for any combination of four
of the 10 races in the Ultimate Universe to be used in Multiplayer.
Just remember all players that join the game will need to have the same
4 races selected so they don't get the "different version" error when
trying to join.

The Ultimate Universe Tools utility also allows
for switching the default race in the Various Singleplayer Mode Maps -
default is Federation. Just be careful with trying to play missions as
the Borg, they don't play well with other races (they could cause the
game to crash). Some missions including the Stock Campain are locked to
a specific race.

A some new features in the UUTools for 2.0
are the return of "Space Dust", in some previous released of UU the
spacedust effect had been removed. The dust was a problem due to the
way it looked on the smaller ships (especially shuttles), the new
option in the UUTools allows you to pick how much space dust to show
based on your preferences as well as the relative size of the ship your
expecting to be flying.

The Legacy Upgrade system from UU 1.0 is
still here of course. Upgrade/Refit your ships in the ship selection
area setup in by MaxLoef and Phoenix.

The Main Menu Interface
has been rebuilt for UU2.0 by Muldrf and uses interface elements from
the previous releases. The menus are designed to be less laggy compared
to the stock menus. The New main menu backdrop was created by Mindwipe.

More features of this mod..
Originally the game had a max player limit of 4 players in Multiplayer
and Skirmish modes, we have extended that 6 and 8 through Trickster's
Community Mod and new maps.
2. More dramatic Explosions & Effects (by Miri's Hot/Max Loef/Mindwipe) - New Explosion Audio as well.
3. We have a ton of maps added of every type over the stock game.
4. AI Ships More aggressive. Smaller ships, when in numbers they may fly in formation.
5. Lots of new ships ranging from ENT, TOS, TMP, and TNG era's and some future Era ships.
6. New Repair interface and Faster repair rates.
7. Enemy Ships repair themselves in game.
8. Ingame Hud Toggle on the Ingame Options menu for Screenshots and video recording -Muldrf with tips from Remore
9. UUTools as well as the new LMTools where the UUTools are for the player the LMTools are for the Modder.

----------Changes from Ultimate Universe 1.5 to Ultimate Universe 2.0-----------

New Videos:
Three Interviews with Derek Chester cowriter of the Stock Legacy Campaign.
TMP Theme Music Video played by Mike Shaw

Also totally new Intro video and loading screens.

Video & Loading screen creation and encoding by Mindwipe.

Menu Modifications:
a. Rebuilt Main Menu -Muldrf
b. Fleet Selection 3d Ship spins again (disabled initially in 1.5) -Muldrf
c. Skirmish/Multiplayer Menu navigation corrected for Keyboard and Controller use -Muldrf

Ship display order in Fleet Selection. All ship classes are now in the
proper order, the classes added by UU have been setup to sort in
properly with the four original ship classes.

Stock Singleplayer Campaign:
Assimilated D7 -based on Gan's D7 TOS "Blue" textures -Ganondorf
Medical Daedalus -based on Gan's textures -Ganondorf

Borg Alliance: Miri's Hot & Ganondorf & Muldrf

Century Class - by DJ Curtis - Port by Maxloef
Vivace Class (and refit) - by DJ Curtis - Ports by Phoenix and Star Knight
Yeager Class - MrJohn
Armored Voyager - MrJohn
Enterprise J - MrJohn
Warship Intrepid - MrJohn
Armor Generator Voyager - MrJohn
Nova Waverider - MrJohn
Areo Shuttle (Galaxy Yacht) - MrJohn
Luna class - Tiptop (updated model)
Prometheus Class - NG Mods Chrisluskey and Shadowbuilder (replacement)

KuRist Fighter - MrJohn
Klingon D4 Battlecruiser - MrJohn

Vulcan XRT55D - MrJohn
Kessok Assault Ship - MrJohn

Romulan Battle Bird -New by Phoenix
Romulan D7 -retextures by Ganondorf
Romulan K'tinga -retextures by Ganondorf
Romulan Talshiar D'deridex -retextures by Ganondorf

Section 31 - Ganondorf

Terran Empire - Phoenix

Civilian Federation ships:
Conestoga -by MaxLoef
Transport/Freighter Retextures -by Ganondorf

Ship Destruction Chunks:
by Chris Jones, Ganondorf, Miri's Hot

All ships now produce chunking when blown up, rather than just disappearing.

Missions Scripting:

New "Exploring History" Mode by Muldrf
is a new game mode. Inspired initially as a replacement for the UU1.0
Evolution maps, it's taken a different turn. In this mode you start
out flying the Nx-01 and taking it through some shake down runs around
Earth and Mars.

Vs Battle Mode -Script & Concept by Muldrf
Battle Mode is a unique Skirmish like Singleplayer mode that currently
has numerous maps to chose from as well as some era specific ones and
~350 possible enemy & allied ships to pick from. This includes all
of the Flyable Ships from all races Plus some of the Mission specific
variants and space stations. Such as the Enterprise J, the USS Reliant,
Ncc-1701 with Cloak from "The Enterprise Incident", as well as the USS
Lexington from "The Ultimate Computer" mission and other classic
starships. The Enemies and Allies are picked by use of the Ultimate
Universe Tools utility. Vs Battle Mode has received script updates to
improve AI function since its initial Demo release last year. Nagrul
Assault is an original map created by Muldrf. The additional maps are
conversions of UU1.0 and Stock maps that Chris Jones setup, plus there
are some totally new maps created specfically for the mode.

Vs Armada Mode -Script & Concept by Muldrf
Armada Mode is a unique Skirmish like Singleplayer mode that has
various maps to choose from. This mode is similar to the Vs Battle
mode that was released with UU1.5, except it allows larger fleets on
both sides, up to 32 per side as well as a space station or shipyard on
each side. There are more likely to be some map specificly placed
stations or objects on these maps that on Vs Battle mode maps. To pick
what enemy ships and what Allied ships your going to have in this mode
be sure to use the UUTools and goto the "VS Armada" screen and set them
up, otherwise you will Always get the same default enemy and allied

Instant Battle or (Instant Vs Mode) -Script & Concept by Muldrf
Third Vs Mode is "Instant Battle" it's a new interface on the main
UUTools screen. It creates an instant battle based on a few variables.
You can pick what Race you will play what race the enemy will play
what Era your ships will be from and how many ships your team will
receive as well as a difficulty level and the map your going to play
on. If you leave any of those set to the default of "Random" it will
choose a random selection for that option. Then once you have made
your selections and set them you just Launch with the button and go
strait into the fight without ever having to see the legacy menus. It
makes for a quick and easy battle. It's more random than Skirmish and
allows for larger player and enemy side fleets. The limitation is
during Loading of the mission the screen looks weird, and when the
battle is over you must exit the battle by pressing the Escape key and
using the ingame options menu.

Historical Missions & Original Battles:

Historical Battles and Original Missions now all have atleast Basic
Mission Scripting done by Muldrf. Some have received lighting
modifications from Chris Jones and others.

Some missions from
Historical and Original Battles are scripted by others such as Mr.
Chrisjones himself or the Wrath of Kahn "As Kirk" by Maxloef and Remore.

Wrath of Kahn - "As Kirk" (Same script from UU1.0) -by Maxloef (and Remore)
Wrath of Kahn - "As Kahn" -by Muldrf (unique script)

Original Missions -Scripted by Chris Jones
1. Dominion Earth
2. Dominion Earth (Big Earth)

Exploration Maps - Scripted by Chris Jones

Exploration can be a little dangerous from time to time.

Enterprise Era - Starfleet's newest Starbase has attracted some attention. There's a Vulcan in here.. and some surprises.
- Orion Escort - Escort needed supplies to an engineering station, with
some trouble along the way. Many objectives and scenarios. Spinning
engineering station.

TOS era - Exploration expanded, lol. Pretty
map - deadly in places - things to do. You'll start out with a bang in
this one.. You are the Captain of a ship assigned to investigate why
asteroid chunks and the like are coming dangerously close to an
inhabited Class M Planet. Starfleet Command has set up some science
stations in the area to assist in this investigation. A mysterious
third party is making an appearance along with these asteroid chunks,
and they seem interested in activities here..

TMP era -
Exploration expanded again, haha. things to do. You'll start out with a
bang in this one as well. TMP like TOS, but not entirely.. This is WIP,
and may not get finished.
TMP era - Utopia Planitia with actual workbees flying around - in work mode.
TMP era - Orion Escort - similiar to the Ent era - but not exactly the same. I like to see the same scenario in different eras.

TNG Era - Jupiter Station - basic scripting - have a look around, but beware.
TNG Era - Utopia Planitia with Workbees (like the TMP one, TNG ships duh).
- two different Badlands interpretations - with things to do in the sea
of nebulas and storms. Fed Player or Cardassian player - both fun.
TNG - 'To Breen or Not To Breen' - This is completed, and is now an 'Original' mission.

The Bajor Initiative - all eras. Bajor maps have functional wormholes!
ENT - This has voices from Sunshine, Myself, and Duckdodgers - Objectives to follow - this is the most complete of the bunch
TOS - basic, but fun - there's a version featuring the Romulans as the player race with Mindwipe as a Rom.
TMP - Voices from Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru - basic scripting for now..
- This one may eventually feature full blown DS9 scenarios - it's bare
bones and VERY basic - but you'll see the possibilities.

I did not get to finishing the Bajor missions like I wanted, but if anyone wants to, I'll send them the script files.

Exploration map Voiceover talent:
Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru
Chris Jones
Duck Dodgers

There are several Exploration maps based on the 'Formation of a Star'

Enterprise era -

are Captain Archer, witnessing the birth of a star. You immediately
notice a stranded ship caught in the star's gravity, and you mount a
rescue. This mission is complete with objectives and audio.

The TOS 'Formation' maps are fun. There's 3 of them.
NCC-1701 as the player (Rom bop as enemy) This gets busy. A few
objectives here - have fun. This one was a joy to make and the beta
testers loved it.
TOS lends itself to Exploration more than any
other era, even Ent, as TOS is the core of Star Trek, and the beginning
of it all.
2. Nix's Rom Bird of Prey as the player - with Rom audio and music (Gan's blue D7 as enemy) and a TOS Fed ship.
Gan's Retextured D7 (blue) as the player - with Klingon audio and
music..(Rom bop enemy). Your shields are offline when you start.


are in the NCC-1701-A with the NCC-2000 as an ally at the formation of
a star. The Romulans are interested in this also, as you soon find out.
There's a wormhole on the far side of the map that was not there in the
Ent or TOS eras, and some ships appear to be coming out of the
wormhole. Also - two unidentified ships that look like Federation, but
are missing logos and insignia, appear to be waiting for whatever is
coming out of the wormhole. The ships sit there until you, in the
NCC-1701-A get close, then things happen. You'll see. (This is to allow
you to see ships coming out of the wormhole),.


are in the NCC-1701-E with a souped up Galaxy Class as an ally at the
formation of a star. For some reason the Dominion are interested in
this star, as you'll soon see. The wormhole that appeared in the TMP
era is still here, and some ships appear to be coming out of the
wormhole. Also - two Section 31 ships appear to be waiting for whatever
is coming out of the wormhole. The ships sit there until you in the
NCC-1701-E get close, then things happen. You'll see.

In the
'Formation of a Star' scenarios the map will look like a Star is
forming with all the orange and yellow all over, in addition to various
types of Asteroids.

All the Exploration missions will end properly with the option of continuing to fly around for screenshots, etc.
Star Trek was originally for Exploration - designed to provoke your imagination.

Stage 2 missions, 'To Breen or Not to Breen' (Original) and 'Cardassian
Cubelands' (Original) for starters, will feature a dramatic opening
cinematic where the Enemy on the map obliterates a ship from the 'good'
side, or the 'player' side, if you will.

Note also that not all Exploration missions are Federation based.

very nature of scripting these Exploration maps almost turns them into
original missions - however - you are still exploring - as well as
dealing with whatever comes up.
I, Chris Jones, have personally
scripted all of these - with assistance from Muldrf as needed. I
guarantee you a fun and engaging experience. One Note - JC2006 helped
with one TNG Exploration mission which is not finished but, may be in
the future = 'The Delcosian Sector'.

It has been my pleasure to help you 'Explore' The Ultimate Universe. Have a LOT of fun!


Maps are nearly Alphabetically sorted. There are some exceptions, but it should be far easier to find a map by it's name.

other maps have had improvements and or corrections. Also there were
some maps that had been "lost in the shuffle" at some point. They may
never have been on the list, so you might find some nice new maps you
have never seen before. For 2.0 there are no New Deathmathc maps but
some the Lost maps have shown up do to map file corrections.

Deathmatch mode maps now use enhanced scripts to allow tractorbeams to function properly in them.

Target Practice -Script by Muldrf -Maps & Concept by Jc2006 -Map Changes done by Chris Jones

Updated Maps to replace the 1.0 Target Practice Maps:

Various Updated Maps: by Maxloef , Jc2006, Ebak, ChrisJones

Replaced/Revamped some original UUM 1.0 maps with better ones.
Various maps have received improved lighting (work in progress)

Updated Map Editor Menus: by Tjoz

Rebuilt map editor menus. Virtually All Flyable craft are now listed for all UU2.0 races. Reorganized.

Stock Campaign Changes:

Mission 1 -Balance and Cinematic Tweaks -Muldrf
Revelations -Script Adjustment -Muldrf
Fixed map for Colony Ships to properly be saved in the TNG Era mission.

Graphical & Visual Enhancements: by Miri's Hot

Adjusted Art.cfg.h file.
Adjusted camera angles for all ships.
Adjusted Config.cfg -(Miri's Hot/Maxloef).
Adjusted phaser & photon proportion's for all ships.
Adjusted RTS_CFG.h.
Adjusted/created new Flight Physics for ships.
Added ambient lighting for all weapons.
Asteroid Enhancement's: HIREZ textures & New exploding asteroids.
Explosion and Sub-System Damage effects on all ships.
Enhanced Map Backgrounds (merged star fields).
Added Drift Effect for disabled ships.
New "Lite Explosions" feature for lower end graphic cards (UUTools Feature)
Phaser contact against shield/Hull effects.
Pulse weapons effects and explosions for certain ships
Specialized Explosions for larger capital ships.
New/Updated explosion & weapon DDS textures
Glow Enhancements on numerous ships.
Rotating Star Bases
Space Dust.

Ultimate Universe Tools -Game Play Enhancement tools: by Muldrf

UUTools is an All-in-One interface for managing of your Legacy Installs
(UU or Otherwise) with additional specialized settings for Ultimate

1. Supports configuration/management of
multiple Legacy installations. For Non UU Installs you have the basic
Launch and Map Editor features. For UU Installs it will have the
additional functions.
2. Race selection option to choose your
"Singleplayer Mission" race for the Ultimate Universe Legacy Mod.
Changing your Race changes your race for all Singleplayer Missions that
you choose a fleet for, and also in the main campaign except for your
Hero ship. (Be careful with trying to play as Borg) Some maps are setup
to only be playbable as a certain race so the Singplayer Race Selection
won't override them, currently there are very few maps like that I can
think of only 1 in particular in the 1.0.
3. There are also
Multiplayer Race selections to allow you to choose 4 of the 6 Races to
use for Multiplayer Matches. All members of a match must be using the
same 4 Multiplayer Races or they will get Version Match Errors.
4. There is a Readme File Library Viewer for all Ultimate Universe Related Readme Files.
5. A direct interface to the UU Chat Server to help setup Multiplayer matches with other people.
6. Drh1589's UU Controls/Hotkey screen (with modifications by Muldrf)
7. There is a Map Database for some info on most Playable maps in The Ultimate Universe including the Stock Maps.
Vs Battle Mode Ship and Station Selections interface to allow you to
setup singleplayer "Skirmish" Type matches against specific ships of
any race mixture. (Be Careful with Borg, Borg can be mixed into the
Enemy team but if you place them on your Allied team they can cause a
crash, unless your Singleplayer Race is Borg)
9. Launch Legacy in Windowed mode via the new "Windowed" Toggle button.
The “Legacy1.exe” button that is only active/visible if you have the
file in your install. This enables launching of the original 1.0
Legacy.exe if you rename it and put it into your Legacy folder. That
can allow you to play both Legacy 1.0 and Legacy 1.2 exes in the same
install. The Legacy1.exe is NOT provided by CJG you must have it
yourself. Only the original Legacy.exe from the DVD allows breaking
nacelles etc to be viewed ingame, but the Legacy 1.2 exe works better
for Multiplayer.
11. There is now a Map Editor Frontend built in. It
will list all the maps you have in your current selected install. It
supports both the Legacy1.exe and Windowed Launch features. I suggest
editing maps in Windowed Mode so the various dialog boxes don’t get
behind Legacy. The map editor also supports 1 level of sub folders
below the \sol folder to allow you to organize your maps if you like
(Ex: "\sol\Deathmatch" is good but "\sol\Deathmatch\Ent" won't be seen).
Explosions Toggle for "Full" to "Lite" Explosions. Lite Explosions are
setup for Lower End PCs or less lag in Multiplayer. All people joining
a multiplayer game Must have Same Explosion Setting.
13. Space Dust settings for ingame space dust effect.
14. Vs Armada mode interface enabled.
15. Instant Battle (Instant Vs Mode) interface added.

LMTools or the "Legacy Modding Tools" is a new program that is included as part of UU2.0: By Muldrf

new toolset includes various mod development tools that were used to
aid in the development of UU2.0 and previous releases. They have grown
extensivly from their original forms and are setup for continued work
on UU development in 2010 (and beyond?) as well as they can be of use
to other modders and mod teams.

Some of the Features:
Totally rebuilt Mission Editor features. This includes a virtually full
replacement for the Bethesda Legacy Mission Editor. It has most of the
original features that were part of the Legacy Mission Editor plus
other enhancements. It includes an objective editor as well.
Microsoft C++ and the LegacyMissionEditor must also be installed for
this to work as it uses files from both of those applications (The
LegacyMissionEditor 1.004c is already included with UU2.0). Basically
the only features missing are "mission deletion" and import/export of a
mission (which can easily be done by manually copying the .scp and .rul

2. Map Database and Map Editor Front End. This allows
creation and maintaining of a map database that is used for the UUTools
as well as other functions contained in the LMTools (map relocation by
type, singleplayer xml menu generation, Labelmap creation). It also
works as a map editor front end that lets you pick existing maps in
your legacy install to edit without having to edit icons or use the
ingame map editor launch function and type in the name. It also allows
Testing of a map (provided there is a ship on Team 1 placed in the map
or a mission script that creates one automatically is assigned to the

3. Odf Data lookup screens. This allows looking up ships
and see what's flying for what race in what era as well as looking at
stations and any other type of odf with some custom lookup options.
Also it allows exporting the data to a .csv file which can be opened
in Excel or other spreadsheet program or even notepad with the output
data. You can also edit any odf listed on the main screen by
doubleclicking the odf filename itself, it will open in your default
.odf file editor if you have one choosen (if not you can use notepad).
Other sub functions of this screen include listing of all inuse weapon
files (at the top level) and their associated ord files. The last
screen in this group shows all weapons and ships and stations with
vairous associated stats and how they are linked as well as allowing
editing of any listed odf file and saving the changes.

4. Chunk
tool. This allows you to create/duplicate existing ship/station
destruction chunks to another ship/station/object. It also allows
alteration of the texture files that are going to be used with the
chunks if you like. This is faster and easier than manually copying
the chunks as well as if you use the texture change options it's far
simplier than doing it in a hex editor.

5. Odf Mass Updates.
This has a couple options to change specific existing odf entries to
other specfic entries or update all entries of 1 value to another
value. It can be Extremely dangerous if used improperly.

2on2 Testing. This is a ship/station test mode. It allows assigning 1
or 2 player or 1 or 2 enemy ships or stations to combat in a relatively
controled situation. It also has a special test map called
phasetest.sol which is a 1on1 only test mode where the enemy ship has
it's weapons and engines disabled. This allows some relatively
controled testing of weapon damage balance and subsystem targeting and
such things.

7. Readmes - this area lets you read create or
edit existing readme files. It supports both .txt and .rtf file
formats. The same readmes .txt and .rtf files that show up in the
LMTools are the ones that would show up in the UUTools readme section.

instructions and version history are listed in the Instructions
section. There are other specialized sections such as the batch
relocation tool, look betweens for specialized text file searching, and
a hex searcher tool. There is also the little "Edit Odf" interface on
the right side bar, if you type or copy and paste an odf name into
there and hit the Edit button it will open it in your default .odf
editor. Also anywhere you see a limegreen text label it's a special
label that will open up a file or folder that's usually beside or below
the label or easy access to these special files. There are plenty of
features Ihaven't even touched on here, just look it over. I"m sure
you find stuff you have no clue what it was for, but trust me it all
came in handy at one point or another.

includes fully installed Legacy Mission Editor version 1.004c. You just
need to install Microsoft C++ 2008 to compile missions.

See the included \Readme folder for more features..

Team Members (2.0 Team)

Director of Ultimate Universe
-Chris Jones - USA

-Victor1st - - Scotland
-Writeall - USA
-Mindwipe - England

Assistant Director
-Muldrf - USA
-Laserdisc - USA

Quality Assurance Director
-Muldrf - USA

PR Dept
-Mindwipe - England
-Phoenix - England

Director Of Cinematography
-Mindwipe - England

-Laserdisc - USA

-Chris Jones - USA
-Remore - USA

-Maxloef - The Netherlands
-Jc2006 - England
-Ebak - England
-Chris Jones - USA
-Phoenix - England

Modelers / Model Porters (from 1 game to another)
-Moonraker - USA
-Maxloef - The Netherlands
-Phoenix - England
-Captain Star Knight (formally known as Grunt) - USA
-Achilles - Raw Models & New Models - England
-Remore - USA
-Enigma - USA
-Modelplease - Outlance Shipyard - USA
-Miri's Hot - (Borg Alliance)-USA

-Phoenix - England
-Ganondorf - USA
-Aircav - USA
-MeteoraFallen - USA
-Miri's Hot (New Glows) - USA

-Remore - USA

Mission Scripting
-Chris Jones - USA
-Muldrf - USA
-Max Loef - The Netherlands
-Remore - USA

-Exporter - Moonraker - USA
-UUTools, LMTools & MissionEditor - Muldrf - USA

Visual Effects & Presentation Artist's
-Miri's Hot - USA
-Max Loef - The Netherlands

ODF Files
-Chris Jones - USA
-Capt Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-JC2006 - England
-Phoenix - England
-Remore - USA
-Muldrf - USA
-Miri's Hot -USA

XML Scripters
-Moonraker - USA
-Muldrf - USA

Audio/Video Tech
-Audio/Video - Mindwipe - England
-Audio - Chris Jones - USA

Mission Voice Talent
-Mindwipe - England
-Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-Duck Dodgers
-Chris Jones - USA
-JC2006 - England
-Captain Star Knight - USA
-Sunshine - USA

Stress Testing / Beta Testers
-Captain Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-Laserdisc -USA
-Miri's Hot -USA

Beta Testers
-Laserdisc - USA
-Captain Wirges - USA
-Riker E - USA
-Chris Martin - USA
-STnut39 - USA
-The Dark Lord of The Cake

Moral Support
-Luna Shelton - England
-The Nagging Bitch - England
-Briana - USA
-Duck - USA (Some beta testing)
-Vashavi - USA
-Becki7 - England
-Sniffles2002 - USA
-Sunshine - USA

The content of this mod cannot be used in any other mod without permissions from the original authors -

contacts are Chris Jones, Mindwipe, Moonraker, Writeall, Miri's Hot,
Maxloef, Muldrf, Phoenix, Captain Star Knight, Ganondorf. If unsure
contact me directly - -email-

Obviously if you wish to use use
something from this mod that is authored by someone outside the CJG
Team you also need the original author's permission. Some Mods included
in UU are authored by good folk on the Official Bethsoft Forums and
Legacy Files. There will be a separate folder for Readmes and credits
in your game folder after install. This mod and these files are not
supported by Maddoc or Bethesda Softworks and they are not responsible
for any damages to your game directory. As with all mods you are using
them at your own risk. The Ultimate Universe does not come with an


The Ultimate Universe Mod Team


2.0?! I thought you guys stopped at 1.5... Well, silly me... glad to know this mod is still being polished!

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