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We've reached Revision One Thousand in our SubVersion repository, and created a new form of fighter control specifically for the CIS. Warning: This developer's blog contains statistics.

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Today, the mod has reached an important milestone: revision 1000 in our SVN repository! That means that since we moved to SubVersion version control, we've made 1000 blocks of changes (commits) to the mod. So, on this momentous occasion, I thought it would be good for everyone to see some of the statistics behind UEAW.

Total weeks (on SVN):


Total commits:


Total file changes:


Average commits per week:


Average file changes per week:


As you can see from the numbers, a lot of work has been done so far. But still a lot of work remains! Our progress towards major milestones is going well. The unit models milestone, for example, is at 90%. The September release date is almost definitely within our reach.

We have made another important breakthrough recently, this time in gameplay. Our excellent coder Shimrra has created a script which will add to the droid nature of the CIS navy. This script works in two ways: first, it restricts drone fighters from working beyond the range of carrier craft. Secondly, if all carrier-capable warships are destroyed, the drone fighters will self-destruct.

There are some intricacies to this:

  • Not all droid fighters are drone fighters. The standard Vulture droids are drone fighters, as are the standard Trade Federation bombers. However, the player will be able to purchase non-drone versions of these fighters, as well as Hyena bombers, to augment the standard drones. Some craft will also carry Tri-Fighters which will not be carrier-restricted.
  • Carriers will have different control ranges. So the Recusant-Class, which can only carry fighters under its armour plates, will have the shortest range. The powerful Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship will have the longest control range. Carrier ranges will be displayed so the player will know their extent without requiring a measuring tool.
  • When a fighter reaches the edge of the control range, it will attempt to return to the nearest carrier, not its original carrier.

If you have any questions about this system, please ask below. We believe it is an effective way to prevent insane fighter rushing and makes the otherwise negligible human pilot bonus for the Republic more relevant in gameplay terms.

Until next time


UEAW co-leader


great, very original

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Very interesting. I guess we'll see how it turns out. Keep up the great work.

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Your coder is a GOD

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