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The latest mission in Sotha's Thomas Porter Series, "The Transaction" has been released!

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The Transaction

Teaser Trailer (by ocn):

The Transaction is a small/medium sized map
in which aspiring thief Thomas Porter delivers the cryptic book, 'De
Vermis Mysteriis' to a bookstore owner named Victor de Grenefeld.

It is the fourth mission in the Thomas Porter series, continuing from where The Glenham Tower ended.

(Thomas Porter 4)

The Transaction Image


Ah, the town of Glenham. I never really thought I would
be happy to see its shabby wooden miner dwellings, but after the
nightmares of the Glenham Tower I'm happy to see any kind of

During my return trip from the tower the ghostly mist veil transformed
into an intense thunderstorm and heavy rain. My clothes are soaked and
I'm dreadfully tired of the harsh tribulations of the past few days.

My task for tonight is simple. All I have to do is to get the strange
and incomprehensible book I obtained from the tower, 'De Vermis
Mysteriis,' to the bookstore owner Victor de Grenefeld. And more
importantly collect the hefty sum the bookstore owner promised to pay
me. With that kind of sum I can sit back and relax for a while.

I'd better stay in good terms with my customer and not steal from him. I
have the hunch that de Grenefeld is a well connected man so staying on
his good side might be beneficial for me in the future: maybe they'll
need a skilled adventurer like me and I could turn legitimate. I could
earn my keep and I wouldn't need to constantly hide from the city watch.

At any rate, I've got it all planned out for the remainder of the night.
I'll visit the bookstore, drop the book to de Grenefeld and collect my
fee. After that I'd better hide in the basement of an abandoned building
I've spotted near the town north gate and get some well deserved rest.

I don't think the city watch would think a cloaked and armed person like
me would be on honorable business in a stormy weather like this so it
would be wise to avoid all confrontation with the guards. I do not need
any misunderstandings with the city watch right now.

The undead horrors in the Tower forced me to expend most of my tools and
I desperately need more equipment if I intend to continue my budding
adventuring career. I should get some extra gold for new gear and maybe a
few holy water potions just in case. There is a Builder church nearby
where I might be able to find some. I suspect those fanatics might have
gold hidden there as well..

It is time to move in the town and get the things done quickly. Somehow I
have a bad feeling about all this. It's probably nothing, probably I am
just jumpy because of the horrors in the Tower and sleep deprivation.
Tomorrow I'll sleep long, relax and eat well.

The mission was created by me, Sotha and I wish
to thank BrokenArts, Melan and Ocn for playtesting and Bikerdude,
BrokenArts and Ocn for voiceacting. An enormous thanks goes also to the
fine people who created TDM and are still working hard, bringing it ever
closer to perfection. Thanks also to the community for helping with my
mapping efforts. Extra thanks to -contributors who make
excellent quality sound effects available for free.

Known bugs:

One beta-tester experienced an error ("ERROR: Failed to spawn player as
'atdm:player_thief'"), which drops the player back to main menu upon map
load. If you experience this scenario, please turn EAX off in the
options menu. That cleared the problem for the tester.

Please stop by the forums at and discuss the mission in it's own dedicated Forum Thread.



strongly recommended!

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nbohr1more Author

It's a great mission from what I've played.

The "Seasons Contest" entrants will have quite a task to live-up to the weather effects in this mission.

(Contest reminder link)

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