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WWIII 1989 is now available on ModDB. This new scenario requires Civilization III Conquests or Complete to play, and features a custom map, new interface, hundreds of units and graphics while utilizing Civ III's modern combat and diplomacy features.

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The Third World War 1989 is a scenario for Civilization III Conquests and Civilization III Complete. Taking place in an alternate history with a Cold War turned hot, the player can choose one of 31 nations as a NATO, Warsaw Pact, or neutral nation. The game takes place on a custom designed map covering Europe, the Middle East, the North Atlantic and eastern half of North America. Command your forces on land, sea, in the air and in space as you fight your way to victory. Features of the scenario include:

  • Custom Map
  • New interface
  • Over 900 added units from some of CFC's best creators
  • Ares de Borg Terrain Set
  • Custom designed technology tree that varies depending on individual nations. Choose carefully to unlock options for reserve forces, diplomacy, naval and air supremacy
  • Hundreds of new graphics and icons
  • Custom soundscape
  • Detailed information of hundreds of units and formations based on extensive research, with bibliography
  • New Civilopedia reference guide
  • Multiple victory conditions: dominate through arms or secure a Political Victory

To install and run the scenario, please follow these steps:

  1. Download scenario from the ModDB link.
  2. Make sure you have Civilization III Conquests with the version 1.21 patch or Civilization III Complete installed on your computer. Either the disc or Steam version will work.
  3. Place the 1989 folder and 1989.biq in the Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios folder. Make sure that inside the 1989 you see the Art, Text, etc. folders and not another 1989 folder.
  4. Make sure there are no barbarians. Barbarian units may affect the AI opponent's playstyle, making its play more erratic. Unfortunately, Civ III does not follow the 'No Barbarians' setting in the .biq, but instead follows the setting in the Conquests.ini text file.

    To make sure you have no barbarians, do ONE of the following:

    a) Open the conquests.ini file located in your main Civilization III\Conquests folder. Set BarbarianActivity=-1 and ActualBarbarianActivity=-1 and then save. Proceed down to Step 5.


    b) Start Civ III normally and choose the 'New Game' option. Set up the game any way you like, but make sure you set Barbarian Activity to 'No Barbarians'. Start the game, and then exit Civ III. The game will record your preference in conquests.ini file. Now you can proceed to Step 4.
  5. If you are playing the Steam version of Civilization III, you must also change the labels.txt file located in the 1989/Text folder. Inside the Text folder, you will see a file named Labels and a file named labels-STEAM. Simply rename, delete, or move the original labels file, and rename the labels-STEAM to Labels.
  6. Take the Civ3Conquests NO RAZE.exe out of the 1989\Conquests No Raze EXE folder, and transfer it to the Civilization III\Conquests. The NO Raze EXE starts up your Civ game normally, except that it prevents the computer AI from burning down every city it captures. This will preserve the integrity of the map.

    You are now ready to play! Use the Civ3Conquests NO RAZE.exe to launch Civ III, and choose the 1989 scenario from the Civ-Content option on the Main Menu. Good luck!

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