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Read on for details (Go on and lol at the title :P)

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Whoo-wee, been off half a year!

Yet, I come back now, out of new interest and curiosity, and what do I find?
Partial Uprising releases?- SDK v3? - People still commenting on my thing as recent as January?

I believe what my problem was months ago was that I wanted to do the fix/ change ASAP, no mercy, etc.
I see now that was a gross error, and because of it, I burned out. Time thwacked me in the face, and I went unstable.

With this in mind, I am going to attempt to bring this thing back. I say "attempt" because the original source code is nil- I now have a laptop instead of what I previously did.

.... I'm still processing gathering what I should do, so here's a list. If you think something is critical to be fixed, that's what comments are for :)

-Download/Install RA3 MOD SDK v3 (Uh... anyone know the changes from v2 to v3 ? ^^)
-Use tutorials to re familiarize with XML
-Use tools (JONWIL IS A GOD) to extract whatever I can from the 1.1 version
-Decide whether to make this technically a new mod to clear this thing's 6.9/10 rating (can't tell people's sentiment with my mod, I get confused reading comments, then glancing ratings...)
-Build/change everything to re-sync with the 1.1 version
-Re-add the 3x4 UI (JONWIL AGAIN), ChronoTank (THEWORMS IS ALSO A GOD), and Harbinger (Bunch of copy-pasting, if I remember...)
-Add any Uprising items possible (BIBBER IS ANOTHER GOD)
-Change the additions to fit the mod ;)
- (Insert whatever community input to change things)

This shall be glorious, comrades!

PS: If you think you have funnier things for the Drunkscript to say than what I placed, PM me some ideas, preferably with the subject "Drunkscript says..."

PS #2: The picture for this news article (look at the news list) has no significance other than 30 min I spent at Paint for no reason.


I dont really have any ideas to give to you without anything you post :P I'll gladly offer any contructive criticism I can mate. Keep up the hard work that you''ve started. :P

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