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Some news about the tech and ressource system of the StroVo1945 Mod.

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The tech and ressource system

You will be teching over the doctrines, in opposite to VCoH you will never pay fuel for this.You can choose from 9 divisionupgrades and 3 supplystages. With these stages you can build new units like machinegun-, anittank- or motartroops, but also antitankguns and more. You can build special units in buildings, which must be researched in the doctrines, but the basic units can be build in the HQ. The infrantrysquads and their abilities distinguish each other very strong, so that sqauds in every division can be very unique. With the supplystages your fuel income will be increase with every stage. It is advisably to concentrate in the early game more at the supplystages, than at the divisonupgrades. For specific Divisionupgrades you need one of the three supplystages, because there are like T2-T4.

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The population limit
When you capture control points, your population limit will be increased strong. How strong it will upped must be testet.

With capturing this ponits your ammunition supply will be increased and you will gain more commando points. If you want to use your new tactics or units you must control a big part of the map. But there is another important thing: all points, you have captured, give you the same number of commandopoints. So you need to hold more points than the certain ones.

One of the biggest changes, that we have made is the manpower. It will now raises with the time you playing the game. Now you donĀ“t need to control points. Your manpower starts with 100 and after 5 minutes it will be increased automaticly. So don't worry about holding points for manpower. After 15minutes it will have reaches 220 and this is your final manpower-income.

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dude is the first version almost ready yet :D ?

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