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Although a few information in this mod about the history of world war 2 are right we do not garanty for the historical accuracy, because a lot is adapted and purely fictional.

Case history at the Westfront in 1944

After Hitlers death the german warmachine could better it´s position. The situation at the east front could be stabilised because of Guderian. In the west Rommel acted fast and determined so he could strike back the Allies from 6th of june until 20th june in 1944. They must retreat and suffered a big defeat. But Rommels men were now weak und his resources were limited.
Anyhow the allies force their troops and started in august, with a lot of sorrows, the Operation Dragoon and transported all armed forces from the italian campaign to south france. Under this forces were the 7th US Army and the 8th British Army. Although this landing was very smaller than the failed Operation Overlord they could save a brigdehead. From this postion they moved fast into the heartland.
Until the end of the year 1944 the Allies fought hard and occupy big parts of south france, but the german resistance was in this time harder, because they rested and were stronger.
So they begun an big counterattack.

The Westfront 1945 : Rush for Germany

The Allies know, that they must capture fast a big area to reach germany before the soviets. Because Stalins red army prepare for a big summer offensive, with the target to get over poland and the czech republic to germany. So the german forces must be cut off from the reich, to subdue every attempt that germany is gaining the upper hand in france. The 3rd US Army started in spring 1945 a riskful offensive under Patton against the german forces. He planed to rush from Lyon over Dijon and Paris to the german border. So the frontline is very extendet and the 8th British Army under Montgomery must cover the left flank from possible counterattacks.
Patton, however, is itself none other than Gerd von Rundstedt with respect to the “Elite Korps” and other associations of the german “Volksheer”. They can enforce the americans strong. The whole operation is very risky, it is possible, however, the allied able Rundstedt and Rommel of germany and thus cut off from all supplies and reinforcements. it is a difficult task, quickly push forward enough and secure the own positions in the west od southern france. The allies are therefore constantly trying new troops and supplies to the French theater of war and so do another logistical challenge.
Rommel sees in this offensive, however, less of a threat, but rather a chance.
if he would be able to break during the thrust by the flanks, he could encircle the complete 3rd US Army and large parts of the 8th Britsh Army and thus enable the allies once again a heavy blow.
In fact, Rommel now has the appropriate powers to carry out such a plan because he has been a recent large number of heavy armored units, which have been laid from the eastern to the western front. The “Eiserne Legion” is battle-tested and was under Guderian in the eastern front very successful. This compares with the british armored units of the 8th British Army. These were upgraded as time goes on and where when it was possible modernized.
So they are still prepared to stand before the challenges. Up to a showdown, it seems to take much longer.

Team und Credits

Modleader, Modder:
X-Red (Red Tide)


Special Thanks:

Slayerknecht, Halftrack, Xalibur, Wiking

Roebenx3, Halftrack, Tankdystroyer, Eliw00d, loran korn, Beefy, DMz, Georider, Lost Soul, Lethal Dosage, Aidas2, Medes

Nachocheese, Roebenx3, Jorge2125 and burtondrummerNY for the Infantryweapons


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The tech and ressource system

You will be teching over the doctrines, in opposite to VCoH you will never pay fuel for this.You can choose from 9 divisionupgrades and 3 supplystages. With these stages you can build new units like machinegun-, anittank- or motartroops, but also antitankguns and more. You can build special units in buildings, which must be researched in the doctrines, but the basic units can be build in the HQ. The infrantrysquads and their abilities distinguish each other very strong, so that sqauds in every division can be very unique. With the supplystages your fuel income will be increase with every stage. It is advisably to concentrate in the early game more at the supplystages, than at the divisonupgrades. For specific Divisionupgrades you need one of the three supplystages, because there are like T2-T4.

User Posted Image

The population limit
When you capture control points, your population limit will be increased strong. How strong it will upped must be testet.

With capturing this ponits your ammunition supply will be increased and you will gain more commando points. If you want to use your new tactics or units you must control a big part of the map. But there is another important thing: all points, you have captured, give you the same number of commandopoints. So you need to hold more points than the certain ones.

One of the biggest changes, that we have made is the manpower. It will now raises with the time you playing the game. Now you don´t need to control points. Your manpower starts with 100 and after 5 minutes it will be increased automaticly. So don't worry about holding points for manpower. After 15minutes it will have reaches 220 and this is your final manpower-income.

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this mod is dead

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WE ALL KNOW IT IS...why do you even post this sh*t?

do ya think we are dumb

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X-red when its will be done? pls post information about mod

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bozi zoiee

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X-red plz show where i can found information about this

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x-red help how i can add king tiger in panzer factory? and How out free plz help :)))))

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how to add king tiger in panzer factory? X-red plz help :D:D:D:D. I watch here but i found nothing

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tnx x-red I found it

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x-red i want to increase manpower rate. how i can do with modding tool pls help

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X-Red Creator

Sry but no time for teaching.
watch here
Maybe there you find help.

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