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Progress on Volkograd Weapons - 90 % complete Items and pickups 50 - 75% complete NPCs 10-15% complete (Conscript - 90% complete) Mapping/Level Design - 0%

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Hello friends!

It's me, Veronica.

First things first: Progress on the mod might be slowed down because classes start tomorrow! Volkograd 3D is just being worked by mainly me and a friend of mine. I do the spritework for the game and the NPCs are actually more tedious than the weapon or item sprites. Most of the weapons for Volkograd are pretty much complete already (except if I have to make adjustments or add a new weapon like the recent shotgun which i still have no FPS anims for.)

The item sprites are somewhere around 50 - 75% done. I might have to redo some and make more.

The NPCs take a long time and i'm somewhere around 15% on them. Episode 1 for Volkograd would have about 4 enemy types and two bosses (being Volkov and Chitzkoi from Red Alert 1) and so far i've only been working on the conscript and it's almost done.

I assume that once i'm done with the NPCs, i can then move on to mapping for this game.
It may take a while since i'm a rookie at mapping.

I gotta say though, i might make a test-map or demo once the NPCs and weapons are done already.

I personally find it actually easier to code stuff in the game than it is to make the sprites so i assume that for the most part it's more about waiting for me to finish the sprites.

KrispyOS - - 1,286 comments

Good luck, dude!

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Computostadora! - - 71 comments

Es bueno estar informado

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ultrageneral - - 81 comments

keep working sir i approve to kill some communist for that :3
and best luck for you hoping to see the volkograd in fully done

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eecksdeeconfirmed - - 21 comments

if you're a rookie on mapping, maybe try to get someone else to do it with you? idek if that's possible actually xd

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