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Angels That Kill News -- The latest update notes as well as future plans!

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Alright here is a current list of things we are working on currently, finished, and are going to be working on.

To start off, we will be releasing the soundtrack as free downloadable content on Steam, it is just being finalized right now, and then hopeful everyone will be able to download it on there as well. We are also going to release it on the main game website [], and on here on the IndieDB page.

As of today we have received our ESRB rating, you can see that in the Steam store page, and it's basically what we thought it was going to be, rated M.

For the actual game updates though, here are the main things we have done since the last update:
- added some new characters
- changed the menus a bit
- changed the shadow distance settings
- cleaned up some models
- added the ability to delete local content
- fixed several smaller bugs
- fixed all known 800x600 resolution issues
- touched up and added several sound effects

We are also going to be working on the following soon:
- extending the dream sequence
- adding more inventory objects
- adding another ending
- fixing up the Mac version resolution issues

Also, like I had stated in the last update, we did completely redo the inventory system(even more so since the last update) and streamlined how it works as well as adding a journal system and a map system into it.

As always, thank you everyone for the support and helping us out during all of this.

The Steam codes for everyone who bought the game in the Groupees bundle should be handed out shortly, no set date for now though.

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