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The First Content Update For The Pegasus Expedition Has Just Arrived.

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Greetings, Directors,

The time has finally come to let you experience the first Content Update for The Pegasus Expedition. And we have listened to your calls, bringing you one of the most requested features - more playable factions. There are four right now, with more coming later on. Choose wisely, Directors, since you will be the one shaping the fate of the whole Pegasus galaxy!

You will not be able to pick a different faction in the narrative campaign, but in the new game mode we are introducing - scenarios. Each scenario is a new way to play The Pegasus Expedition, without the story structure of the main campaign, and lets you experience different situations and settings. Each Content Update will bring a new scenario, and the first one is called Scattered Empires, which is akin to a typical sandbox 4X gameplay - you will start at a random location in the galaxy, with the fleet you picked, and are tasked with constructing 6 Arges Facilities in 6 different colonies.

We are also dealing with some minor issues that needed to be addressed. You can check the full patch notes below. Thank you very much for reporting all the bugs you found, suggesting all the features you'd like to see in the game and for supporting us throughout our Early Access journey.

Join our growing community by stepping through this portal, it will take you to our Discord where we can chat about anything you want. Also don't forget to follow our publisher on their Social Media accounts so you never miss anything!

Change Log:

- Added a new Scenario, the Scattered Empires to the game with 4 playable factions.
- Adjusted the difficulty of the enemy in the N214R, it will not spawn anymore in the systems already conquered by the player.
- Added the change systems buttons to the system view and the construction view
- Added option for player to cancel flagship construction

- Officer pool would not always refresh when starting a new game
- Fixed some typos in descriptions texts
- Plant Explosive operation could remain active even after switching to another star system
- Construction of a flagship could not be cancelled
- Fixed issue when Hur would not always be given to the claimant the player had in the story agreed to give it to
- Fixed bug where systems could be entered before all their assets are loaded
- Fixed issues with Biomass, Daras and Ankhorum garrison fleets having un named units.
- Fixed issue with operation target selection remaining active after the target selection.

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