The Pegasus Expedition is a story-driven sci-fi grand strategy game set in a key moment for humankind’s survival. Facing an overwhelming threat at home, humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy in a desperate attempt to find a refuge for the population of Earth, only to find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war they inadvertently started.

As you lead one of these fleets, your mission soon transitions from exploration to governance, conquest, and eventually a fight for survival. Players will experience a challenging story where nothing is self-evident and every decision will have its consequences.

Building on the legacy of the grand strategy genre, The Pegasus Expedition adds a strong narrative side to the classic 4X-gameplay which involves managing your diplomatic ties, armies, economy and scientific development.

Key Features

  • Immense handcrafted world – a replayable campaign set in a rich, vast world.
  • Conflict and tragedy – experience a deep storyline, where no-one is perfect and ends will often have to justify the means.
  • Choose to be the leader you wish to be – face difficult moral choices in difficult times, and suffer their consequences.
  • Rewarding gameplay experience – Versatile 4X gameplay with many different approaches to various challenges the campaign presents.
  • Meaningful diplomacy – a diverse and versatile system with over 30 independent factions in the galaxy.
  • Planning-based combat – manage your warfronts' bigger picture, and weigh which losses you’re willing to take for success.

A story driven 4X-game

The Pegasus Expedition is a story driven grand strategy game which focuses on combining an epic sci-fi narrative with a solid 4X foundation to create a very unique narrative strategy game experience. Your decisions and actions shape the galaxy around you, with every alliance and crisis you suffer or cause leaving their mark.

The Council

As the Director of Zeus Link fleet, you control all aspects of the Zeus Link, making all of your critical decisions with your council; the group of your closest subordinates and advisors. They will inform you of the new developments in the galaxy, and do their part in solving the numerous crises and incidents you will have to resolve, one way or another.


You will start out with only your seasoned but thin expeditionary fleet, and you will need to develop a functioning economy and fast to keep the Expedition going. After all, you will be supplied from home for only so long.

Diplomacy in a Torn Galaxy

The Pegasus Galaxy is full of independent factions, with their own grudges, rivalries and fragile alliances, so you’ll need to navigate this diplomatic landscape with care in order to succeed. That will involve both making dynamic deals and treaties in the diplomacy system, as well as making tough choices in dialogue. After all, you are a suspicious and despised newcomer in this galaxy, with limited time and huge expectations to accomplish.

Manage your Fleets and Officers

To survive in this new and often hostile galaxy, it’s extremely important to keep your forces improving and your leaders trained. You will have to work with limited human resources, and choosing the right person for the right job can often make the difference. Assign admirals, governors and special forces operatives to help you to victory.

Stellar Warfare

War never really changes, and the Pegasus galaxy has a lot of it to offer. Choose your strategies and plan your battles well, as in the Pegasus Expedition’s unique combat, careful planning is everything. Espionage and the well thought out movement of your forces will be crucial in war, in order to have your fleets at the right place at the right time.


In the future, there’s an even shinier future ahead. There are great discoveries to be made, and many things, great and less great, that you can do using those discoveries. To have a chance against your foes, you'll need to be one step ahead of them in technology too, and not just in strategy.

Fight Against the Ever Worsening Odds

Your starting situation is not an easy one... And it’s only going to get worse. The longer the expedition continues, the higher the stakes, with new threats, enemies, backstabbers and heroic resistance movements. Everything to keep the campaign dynamic, interesting, and challenging to the very end. With a plenty of characters, sidequests and twists and turns to the campaign, the dynamic Pegasus Galaxy will present new challenges to face that will keep you on your toes.

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The full version will include a new campaign "The Purge", in which you play as the dreaded Biomass, a new All Fleets mode, which let's you enter large scale battles, new story events and much more! You can check the whole Change Log below the article.

The game will be 15% off during the first week after release, so don't hesitate to get it and recommend it to your friends. You can also get the Galactic Alliances Bundle where you'll get Space Rangers HD: A War Apart along with The Pegasus Expedition and additional 10% discount applies to that, even if you already own one of the games!


And for all the true fans, we also have a 94 page Digital Artbook and a Digital Soundtrack. You can purchase these separately, or just complete your set with the Grand Admiral Edition for an extra discount too!


We would also like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout the whole Early Access phase, we would not be able to get this far without you! Join our awesome community on Discord where you can talk about the game, report bugs or simply chat about anything you want!

And if you like The Pegasus Expedition, we would also appreciate if you wrote a review of it here on Steam, it helps more than you think!

And now, let's command those fleets, Directors!

Change Log:

  • Added a new campaign with a new playable faction: The Purge Campaign, where you play as the Independent Regenerative System, the Biomass. The campaign has a unique playstyle with a different gameplay feature set and it’s own smaller storyline.
  • Added the All Fleets Mode: The battles can now be fought with all the fleets participating in the battle simultaneously, creating epic 3 vs. 3 fleets battles.
  • Added twenty new story events about various subjects ranging from the Colossals and the Chinese fleets defending Earth to spies in your high command and archaeological finds.
  • Reworked the Diplomacy AI behaviour to act more sensibly.
  • Improved the reliability of the combat power estimates, rebalanced units by buffing Frigates.
  • Rebalanced the difficulty settings, making the Easy difficulty easier.
  • Rebalanced player and AI science production
  • Rebalanced energy production.
  • Rebalanced the Nemesis fleets.
  • Rebalanced biomass on main campaign to pose a proper threat.
  • Made the combat strength estimates more accurate, which also improved AI:s strategic decision making. AI also handles Hazardous Systems better.
  • Made Tier 1 buildings to be built instantly
  • Made All Means-strategy to be a requirement for using Nuclear weapons.
  • Updated Credits
  • Made the Saves more clear and informative, and fixed sometimes inaccurate timestamps of the saves.
  • Made dialogue skipping a bit easier by adding skip functionality to Spacebar and making the skip icon larger.
  • Made the All Fleets mode the default way to play the game.
  • Added a couple of story textboxes explaining the Anabah quest and the possibility to delay the war with the Tamanin Empire.


  • Fixed bugs with diplomacy behaviour
  • Fixed shader problems with Pulsar star systems
  • Adjusted tutorial positioning
  • Visual improvements to strategic weapon missile launches for Biomass factions
  • Clarified operation requirement tooltips for Operatives
  • Fixed a bug with the Anabah battle freezing.
  • Fixed some instances of UI elements obstructing each other, especially on more uncommon resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Diplomacy could not be opened from the overview
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when alt+tabbing during saving or loading.
  • Fixed a bug with auto combat if clicked multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause infinite AI turn due autosaving issue.
  • Fixed issue where combat could start without ships
  • Fixed issue with combat paths being sometimes invisible
  • Fixed issues with duplicate dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the game would load into debug menu.

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"At the Center of it All" Content Update Brings a Whole New Scenario

"At the Center of it All" Content Update Brings a Whole New Scenario


We greet you again, Directors, February is almost over and we have some amazing news for you! The second Content Update for The Pegasus Expedition is...

The Scattered Empires Await Your Command!

The Scattered Empires Await Your Command!


The First Content Update For The Pegasus Expedition Has Just Arrived.

 The Pegasus Expedition launches into Early Access NOW!

The Pegasus Expedition launches into Early Access NOW!


The time is finally here, The Pegasus Expedition jumps into the Early Access and is available for you all to play!

The Pegasus Expedition Cooperation Announcement

The Pegasus Expedition Cooperation Announcement


1C Entertainment and Kalla Gameworks Join Forces to Launch The Pegasus Expedition on PC in 2022

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