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Weekly news as the game approaches completion. This week the agricultural system gets some love!

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(Missed episode 1? Check it out HERE)
New Menu, Enclave Tile Graphic, & Crops

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This past week saw the new agricultural system taking shape, I nearly finished the framework for it and began moving over the crops from the old system into the new routines. Now crops are no longer Harvested or Extracted, seeds for new crops are 'Cultivated' at an Alchemist's Lab, which is essentially the same as Foraging used to be. Also once you have 'cultivated' a new crop you can plant as many as you want, so there is no need to stockpile and manage seeds. Each separate Crop, once they have fully matured in their plots, can be 'assigned' to armies on the world map, and once they are assigned the army gets the benefits the crop provides, this can be health or attack buffs, passive HP regen, a speed increase, etc... Or, some crops provide a limited number of uses during battle that cause events like an AoE heal or attack, these 'single use' crops are restored at the end of a battle and don't need to be re-assigned. I also made the Enclave Tile graphic on the world map properly reflect the level of the Keep, which is cool in a less dramatic kind of way, but still cool.

New Menu, Enclave Tile Graphic, & Crops

This coming week, I'm planning on finishing the jump to the new agricultural system, and add two goodie huts that award special crops that players can grow; Luna Blossoms and Shadeweed. In all likelyhood I'll be finished with the new system and the goodies by the end of the week, at which point I'll begin work on the new magic system, laying out the framework for the new tower and mana mechanics.

(Oh and heres a shot of the new Main Menu, I forgot to post one last week)
New Menu, Enclave Tile Graphic, & Crops

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the Beta so far, keep up with the latest developments on your social media too!

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