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Taking a look at new voices for several heroes and units in the upcoming patch 4.6.

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Greetings, companions of the Edain!

After the insights into the campaign in the last few weeks, we have another new video for you today, but with a completely different focus. As you may remember, due to some changes in copyright laws we had to remove parts of the soundtrack and some voicesets of heroes and units from our mod a few years ago. Lately, we've been working on finding replacements for these voices, so we'd like to present you with a few tidbits - click on the image to get an idea:

The fact that our heroes, especially those who were not part of the base game, are finally given their own voice again is something we are immensely happy about. When designing the respective scripts, we made sure to give each hero some quotes that the lore experts among you may already know from the books, if possible. Of course, that is sometimes easier said than done - while Beregond provides a lot of material that can easily be used for sentences ingame, we had to get a bit more creative for Cirdan.

However, this also gave us the idea of incorporating a completely new type of interaction into the game: The new voice sets contain special phrases that are only spoken when facing certain enemies or allies - in the video you can observe this with Beregond and Pippin. Another example would Cirdan and Gandalf, who can trigger a short conversation when they meet on the battlefield as allies. Zaphragor, on the other hand, expresses his hatred for the soldiers of Arnor when he takes the battle to his arch-enemies.

We want to give a big thank you to the voice actors who enrich the Edain Mod with their work:

Malbeth, Murin, Drar, Thorin Steinhelm: Valentine Radushev.
Cirdan, Grimbold: Just Another Dorito
Zaphragor, Bolg's Elite: Iansirraven
Beregond: Felix Olsson

We hope you enjoyed this update and, as always, are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain Team

GandalftheGrey99 - - 87 comments

I'm really glad that we are getting an update to the removed voicelines and I'm already loving the direct interactions between the units and heroes. Well done to the voice actors for their great sound quality and to you, Edain Team, for your awesome ideas!

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Watcheroutofthewater - - 56 comments

This is really cool, and the voices are really cool! They fit perfectly with the characters!

I also really like the interaction mechanic. I don't know if you guys have done every hero, but it'll be a cool possibility to explore going forward.

Getting more and more exited for the update with each news release (if that's even possible).

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FG15 - - 3,561 comments

We selected a couple of interactions for each of the heroes with new voicelines, where we thought that those fit best.

For example Beregond has interactions with Faramir, Pippin, but also with defensive structures or signalfires. But of course we are not spoiling every interaction ;) So there is a lot to find out yourselves.

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LavMike - - 2 comments

Hello. Tell me when will 4.6 be released?

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Primer_Sartoris - - 935 comments

Hello. No.

As soon as is finished.

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LavMike - - 2 comments

According to the plan this year?

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Primer_Sartoris - - 935 comments

When its done.

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NumenoreanTalion - - 1,331 comments

New voice acting looks (or rather sounds hehehe) awesome! Just a question; Cirdan's texture looks different than the one in wiki. Did you changed it too? It looks cool :D

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jaholeyoh1 - - 1 comments

I love what the team is doing with this game.

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