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Take a look at the first missions of both the Good and the Evil Campaign in the upcoming patch 4.6!

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Greetings, companions of the Edain!

As we mentioned in an earlier article, one of our goals for 4.6 was to implement the campaigns - both Good and Evil - from BfME II in Edain, using the War of the Ring gamemode. The campaigns are very close to completion, so we played through the first mission of each campaign to give you a preview of what you can expect. Units, heroes, designs and spells have all been converted to Edain.

In the first mission of the Good Campaign, you command Glorfindel as he returns to Rivendell, only to find Goblins attacking it. Take command of the powerful warriors of Imladris to defend their home and drive back the forces of evil, with a little dwarven support of Gloin, father of Gimli! This mission includes a newly designed map for Rivendell, with different attack paths and defensive options - take a look:

The first mission of the Evil Campaign takes place in the Golden Wood. The Mouth of Sauron, accompanied by two Nazgûl, leads a force of trolls and goblins into Lorien in an attempt to burn down the home of Galadriel and Celeborn. You have to fight your way through the defending Galadhrim to destroy Caras Galadhon and secure a victory for Sauron. The bulk of your forces is recruited from Moria, meaning you can get an insight into the new Misty Mountains faction - take a look here:

We hope you enjoyed the previews of the upcoming campaigns and are, as always, looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain Team

Watcheroutofthewater - - 56 comments

I really like the changes, especially to the Evil Campaign (which was always my favourite).

I was trying to figure out what you'd do with the spellbooks, but once I watched the evil preview I finally found out (I never actually saw the good spellbook, I'll have to take a look at it). I'm guessing Banners of the Black Land will work on MM units as well?

The spells starting on a recharge is also really nice.

Besides the goblins, the reworked campaigns are the thing I'm most looking forward to!

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ElendilsCousin Author
ElendilsCousin - - 696 comments

The Banners will work on MM units as well, yes.

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TarGrond - - 22 comments

Perfect, thank you so much!
Will the campaing be non-linear BFME1 style or should we expect 8 missions like in BFME2?

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ElendilsCousin Author
ElendilsCousin - - 696 comments

Those campaigns will be linear, they are the BfME II campaigns after all.

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BalrogSlayerReforge - - 94 comments

bfme 2 was not the best campaign i love bfme 1 why not make that one

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