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Mod overview. New units, changes and overall info.

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Angmar has fallen and Mordor is not yet restored. The Witch-King has to find a new base of fear and dark magic. And he finds it in Minas Ithil, the tower of Isildur, where the White Tree once has grown.


Slaughter House - no changes

Lumber Mill - no changes

Barrow - a free building and a free Barrow Wight. Very useful in early game. Be careful though, you can't just delete it like other buildings. When destroyed, drops money like a normal Barrow. AI doesn't use them.

Morgul Barracks - trains Orc warriors and Orc archers, researches the Banner Carriers. A basic military building.

Hall of Twilight - trains Sorcerers, special units of Minas Morgul, and unlocks their abilities.

Legion Barracks - trains Morgul orc cohort, Morgul crossbowmen cohort and Morgul legion.

Troll Cage - no changes

Great Siege Works - trains battering rams and catapults. No unit upgrades.

Battle Tower - no changes

Fortress - recruits all Nazgûl


Barrow Wight - no changes, powerful spirit with splash damage, healing himself as he kills. Vulnerable to archers. AI doesn't use them.

Orc Warriors - no changes

Orc Archers - no changes

Sorcerer - limited to 3. Having 14 acolytes and access to all spells, he rules the forest(actually battlefield;)). He gains the spells as you upgrade Hall of Twilight. Still very vulnerable when you get to him.

Morgul orc cohort - 30 black orcs in one unit. Useful for keeping the enemy under pressure.

Morgul crossbowmen cohort - 30 crossbowmen in one unit. Stronger attack and longer range than basic archers.

Morgul legion - 40 black orcs in one unit. Very useful for fast pumping out of units.


Nazgûl - Chill Soul ability, Mount/Dismount ability, Dread Visage, Morgul Blade and Screech

Morgomir&Khamûl - Chill Soul ability added

The Witch-King - Chill Soul ability added, Corpse rain abiliy added - has no cooldown but it takes a while to cast the spell and after the cast goes Witch-King berserk for 30 secs, only executing attack orders, so use carefully.The Nine


Minas Ithil (3) - The city of Isildur, made from white stone that shines like silver in moonlight. Map made by King-Arveleg - go check out his mod!

Minas Ithil II (4) - The Moon Tower stands in the shade of Ephel Dúath. The White tree grew here once.

Minas Morgul II (4) - The Tower of Sorcery is the new base of fear of the Witch-King after Carn Dûm fell. It is a dark version of Minas Ithil II.

Minas Ithil

Minas Ithil by King-Arveleg.


awesome the nazguls jjj very powerfull the best are all 9 together in game are legion

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OneOfTheNine Author

Good that they are no longer useless :), are they not OP though?

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