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Continuing the revamp changes started in the previous version, this update is going to change severely, and for better, your gameplay experience.

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And another update to the game has been launched. I should actually have spent my Sunday playing games and stuff, but due to so little left to do on the project before launching the update, well.. It's 00:21 of Monday and I'm writing this patch note. Hopefully it's worth it. :3

Status and Skills Damage Revamp

The game got a revamp on monsters status. Now monsters will gain bonus status based on their size, so larger monsters will be tougher than smaller monsters.

The status boost is also affected by level, so the monsters will get way tougher as their level is higher.

That change also affects bosses.

The skills also got changes on how their damage formula works:Instead of changing the damage of the character while the skill is activated, the damage change of the skill will be directly applied to the resulting damage inflicted on the skill target.

The reason why this change was done, is because monsters were having really broken status when it was a matter of them using skills, so unless your character was actually made to take hits, they would most likely end up getting incapacitated.

Magara's Double Gun Shot Combat Technique

Magara got two big guns she can use, and she's willing to sacrifice her defensive to blast foes on full offensive.
As you may imagine, you need to equip two pistols for her to use that technique.
I believe you might be asking yourself, "Why you gave her two pistols, since she's a warrior?", and I answer, why not?When I implemented the combat techniques system, I wanted to add versatility to characters, so a characters that appears to be something, can end up being good at something else too, like Magara and Pistols.

Skill Tweaks

Many skills that used to have teleguided attacks, now will target some place the target of it has been while the skill was still being prepared.

The reason why I changed that, is to make the skills less cheesy.
Also, when I get monsters that also make use of the same spells the characters can use, you will be able to dodge their attack.

And some skills like Double Attack and Earthquake will reset the flinch time of the targets.

And to finish, due to a mistake of my part, the Eruption skill was targetting the player, instead of affecting the monsters in the range. That unfortunate bug is fixed.

Gelking Boss and Boss Fight Tweaks

He got a few AI tweaks, and new loot he can give upon defeat.Due to the change on the status system, the battle against him will take longer, but he's also less deadlier now about his skills.

Since mobility will be a thing when facing him, I removed the range limit you can move through during the fight. Now you can move to anywhere while facing him. Just don't leave the npcs doing all the job, or else they will hate you.

One of the new items he got is an accessory that summons a Fox Slime when equipped.You get a Fox Slime for each accessory equipped, and each character has 2 accessory slots.You do the math.

Weight reduction and Equipments Tweaks

For a game where looting is part of it, It is really absurd that over than 50% of your weight is eaten by your character equipments and potions.

Now, the weight of many items and equipments were reduced drastically, so you should have more room for carrying loot, and less necessity of interrupting your exploration to go to the town.

A number of hats got minor extra buffs they can give you. Not really something overpowered, but is a minor help.

As for shields, they got a reduction in the attack speed penalty they cause on you, so it's not a heavy hinder to have a shield on your character arms.

And a lot of food consumables got a boost on the health value they restore, so farming for apples is something, and farming for bottles to turn into milk bottles also help.

Change Log

Active skills damage system were changed, to apply their damage modification after damage and defense of target are calculated.
Tweaked the damage percentage caused by skills and their levels.
The following skills were changed how they function:
=> Fireball will no longer chase target exactly. Once launched, it will fly to the destination the target was when launched.
=> Hurl Foe skill will no longer chase the target, when flinging another character. The target will only be hurt if it's close to where the launched character landed. (Only Gelking has this skill)
=> Double Attack second hit will refresh monster flinch time.
=> Flame Breath will no longer change the character direction while it is being launched.
=> => Character direction is defined when the character finishes "casting" it.
=> Earthquake no longer chase the target either. It will affect the area around where the target was when it begun.
=> => The earthquake effect will refresh target flinch time.
=> Meteor no longer chase its target. Will instead fall at the position the target was when casted.
=> Rock Throw no longer chase its target either. Will instead fall at the position the target was when the rock was hurled.
Monsters gains a extra health and damage boost based on their size.
=> Bigger monsters means tougher battles.
Umbra's Swordsman combat technique attack speed and defense rate has been increased.
Umbra's Epee combat technique attack speed has been increased.
Implemented Gavea Castle.
=> Gavea Castle is located North of Gavea City. (Prepare to walk)
=> Queen Adriana Lepuse I can be found inside. Nothing much else can be found there for now, though.
Removed the maximum range limit when participating Gelking's boss fight.
=> That means you will no longer fail the event for moving too far from the trigger of the battle.
Kiki should now behave better when automatically healing allies.
Tweaked the loot of Gelking.
=> Not only changed the drop rate of Ellusiveum to be better, but also added new loot.
Magara's Defensive Shot Combat Technique got Passive Regeneration and High Guard skills.
Magara got Double Gun Shot Combat Technique.
Flame Breath skill now has a description.
Characters will show up lying on the ground when affected by Sleep debuff.
Eruption skill no longer kills its caster.
Fixed an issue where the combat technique description box wasn't actually scrollable.
Greatly reduced the weight of many equipments.
=> Yes, you can carry more stuff with you now.
=> Potions are unchanged, by the way.
Gave some attribute boosts to some hats.
=> Not something overpowered. Just something modest.
Acid Doggie Hat has been renamed to Acid Doggie Mask.
Lowered the Attack Speed reduction given by shields.
Vegetables and Milk now heal you for more when used.
Fixed an issue with a ugly audio clipping that were happening when using Supressive Fire skill.
El Guaren got a minor level boost.
=> Due to that, Gavea Sewers B2 got a max level boost too.
Changed the Bear Paw Glove accessory to give 4 Physical Damage bonus, instead of 4 Power bonus.
You can no longer unequip your main hand weapon while having a offhand item equipped.
Changing equipments will now correcly update your combat technique infos on your character infos.

You can get the link to download this update from this page:

If you're interested on the project, also enter the Discord server, whose link is located in the link above.

Also, since nobody voted on the poll about where to go next on the project, I'll pick the next place by myself. Maybe I'll give spoilers of it once I begin working on it, until then, here's the suspense.

By the way, just to let you know, this project is 1 year old by now.

The beginning of last year, I launched a teaser showcasing the camera and movement of placeholder characters, testing the character sprite angles and group movement.

If you're curious to see how it was before the project got here, the news is right here:

If you want to know how much the game progressed, check its playlist on my Youtube Channel.

Enjoy your gameplay :)

By the way, It's 1:36am.

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