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New buildings, realistic day & night circle, new wall model and post processing techniques and more!

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The main subject this update is reality. When we realized the animations and environment we have developed yet is not actually what we wanted, we got up and start to remaster everything to reflect real life ambiance.

Ultra Realistic Day & Night Circle and Weather System

We have finished our Realistic Day & Night circle. Also our system dynamically switches between weather types. It was crucial to complete Day & Night circle to manage our lighting for the scene. Automatic weather change is done according to day time except snow and rains. It is not only the day-night bright dark increase and decrease. It simulates real sky view such as cloud densities, sun lighting, horizon and zenith colors, moon lighting, cloud flow - wind speed are also changed by time.

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 13

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 26

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 18

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 19

New Buildings & Shops

Gradually, we are completing builings and placing them to our map. Because of all the buildings going to be usable as shelter or safehouse, we are going deep in details. There will be towers, parks, malls, gas stations, hospital and more. And each one of them, will has its own loot spawning group. If you need med-kit, you have to get to the hospital, if you need alcohol, you have to reach nearest grocery or mall as real city living. Of course there will be hostiles near highly demanded items.

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 15

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 27

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 21

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 20

New Daylight Lighting & Realistic Shadows and Post Processing

We work on lighting to be fit with the game purpose. This is not the sport game nor a picnic day. We can not use a bright sun light or picnic weather. So it took a lot of time to fit our post processing model to scene. From Bloom to Vignetting, Ambient Occlusion to Brightness there are lots of details to make your scene perfect. It still in early stages but this is what we have achieved so far.


New Controller & Animations

We have taking into account all request that been made by our community. We have updated our character animations and aiming controller setup as they requested. There will be lots of more updates and fixes on our animations for sure. Its still in early stages. We will remake our animations sets to fit characters. There lots of thinks need to be done. This is the example of changes in our animation system.

New Street Road Shaders

Gameplay is about after 5 years of the blockade of city center for prisoners. Thats why there are overgrown areas, sewere pools, wet and dirty streets. Its taking time to complete this kind of features but of course they have to be done. Street improvements also not been completed yet. We will make up our streets with street paints, bicycle lanes, traffic lights, bins like the real street that you have been living.

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 24

New Wall Model

We have re-modelled our walls. Previous one was premature and simple.We don't compare them the difference is far more. We have the output that we wanted after long searching on it.
Walls will supported by the pretorians.They will be guarding up the wall and watching prisoners all the time. And when they think it necessary, they will be interfering with the prisoners.

So yes. We will have AI. :)

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 16

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 17

ThePrisonGame   Unreal Editor 20 14

Trello, Collecting Requests.

Since we have gone public, we have been receiving huge amount of request from all around the social media. As we mentioned before, all your suggestions, criticizes, are important and will be taken into account. We will develop this game as community asked.

So, considering all of this, we have created a public trello board to collect and vote requests.

The Prison Game Trello Board

You can leave your comments or ideas at “Ideas” stage by adding New Card. It will be reviewed and voted.

The Prison Game: | The Prison Game Youtube | @ThePrisonGame

JaiCap - - 2 comments

great job guys!

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Quaso Author
Quaso - - 30 comments

Thanks JaiCap :)

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WABstudio - - 19 comments

Lighting is awesome! Cheer up!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I thought this was homebrew :P, nice looking game!

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Quaso Author
Quaso - - 30 comments

Yes! It is homebrew :)

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Rockenman - - 16 comments

Looks good I am sure the final product will be great. :)

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