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A new screenshot of Enderals desert region., called the Pinnacle Desert.

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"As perilous the sweeping desert in Enderals East may be, there is hardly any region as important for the country's economy. There are no caverns as rich in Shadowsteel veins as the Redstone Burrows, and the sulfurous springs are as beautiful as they are essential for the fabrication of Endralean firepowder. However, the travelling adventurer should always be aware of the fearsome Bonerippers, who stalk the dunes in search of prey, the wild Myrads whose nests crown upon the namegiving pinnacles as well as of Lost Ones, whose dead bodies wander through the lush oases [...]"
Endralean Encyclopedia
Lexil Merrum, Arcanist of the Holy Order

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Rikuo - - 401 comments


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Aedelric - - 61 comments

I assume die is a typo because `die fabrication┬┤ does not make much sense to me, perhaps you meant dye? Though I do lack some context because I have no idea what firepowder is.

I like this text, it adds a nice bit of flavour to the world. The greatest of fantasy worlds are the ones with a seemingly long written history and mysterious never answered questions. It will be interesting to see how much depth Enerals world has.

Do you have a problem with the name Rikuo? It is had to tell as your post does not actually say anything, what would be better? Endrali Encyclopedia? Enderal Pocket Guide? Explorers Guide to Enderal? The choices are limitless. I am okay with Endralean but perhaps it would not have been my first choice.

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TheRealJojo - - 21 comments

Thanks for pointing that out! It was a typo indeed - So many news lately! :-)

I think Endralean has a nice ring to it, especially once you hear it spoken. It isn't pronounced Endra-lian, but En-drah-la-yen. Does that make sense?

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Rikuo - - 401 comments

nothing actually...
i thought it was a typo coz it's endralean instead of enderalean...
i'm new to this mod actually...
my bad...

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Awesomium - - 594 comments

I like this new environment!
Btw, in the first line, shouldn't it be "...any region AS important..." ?

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Latiro Author
Latiro - - 22 comments

Shoot! Thanks for pointing that out. :-)

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