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Hello everyone! As you know the 1.4 version has been under development for more than a month now. I still haven't managed to fix all the bugs but this version will be the best one so far ;)

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The 1.4 version is almost ready and I hope to upload it in one week tops. The 1.4 will feature a lot of changes since 1.3. First of all, most ships will have more detailed and cannon like textures. The weapons have been re-worked as well, both in terms of performance and in terms of graphics. All torpedoes will now have more canon textures, and some phaser and pulse cannon effects have been enhanced. Also, there will be new firing sounds for some of them. I'll try uploading some screenies when I have the time. Also ships hulls have been rebalanced and a few bugs from 1.3 eliminated. Stay tunned for more updates :)

Until next time, live long and prosper!


The two things that annoy me most in 1.3 are:

1. some ships flare up white when you get too close; and
2. ships don't fire automagically, you have to manually do everything

other than that I've enjoyed playing thouroughly!

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firewarrior1705 Author

well the white thing should be corrected now. You should also try to disable the fullscreen glow effect(the options menu, last one at the bottom of the effects list), this may be one of the causes. As for the second part I'm not sure, it never happened to me and it does not happen in 1.4

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