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Will to Live, the online shooter set in the post-apocalyptic world, received a huge content and feature update in August.

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Will to Live developer announces another content update for the game.

The game now features teleportation—players can quickly jump across the map. Radio anomalies serve as the Wormholes (but not all of them!) Some Radio anomalies remain unpredictable sources of danger. The player may collect parts of the safe route map or chart the routes by trial and error.

We added hostile NPCs to the game. They are very dangerous enemies that use the same gear and abilities as the players. These killer bots dwell in the special zones and attack the unaware travelers that stop by.

We introduce the ammo crafting system! Now the players can craft bullets. Use the recipe to cast a bullet, produce the cartridge, and obtain the ammo that deals more damage than whatever the vendors might sell.

Speaking of new weapons, we added them:

  • very powerful shotgun;
  • three new automatic guns, including Zastava rifle and VSS Vintorez rifle;
  • two new handguns.

In addition to that, you may now purchase new skins for your favorite weapons on Steam!

The world of the game keeps growing:

  • we introduced armor piercing bullets for some weapons;
  • you will now receive more experience for killing monsters;
  • we added over 20 new quests for you to complete;
  • we fixed the issues found during the first early access stage.

Will to Live is a postapocalyptic MMORPG set in the world that survived a global catastrophe. Today it's inhabited by mutants and filled with mysterious anomalous zones.

ferdyfist - - 529 comments

Starting to look better and better! Keep it up!

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