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Hello, friends. I finally remake "From Bum to King" trailer. It was long difficult way, but it's done!

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Hello, friends. So where did it all start? The first trailer for my game "From Bum to King" was not good for various reasons. As well as the second. Therefore, everything had to start all over again.

So, if the trailer has gotten shorter, a few boring moments have been removed from it (how did they even get there? 0_o). I concentrated on the most important and interesting features of the game. I'll tell you about them, in the order as we see them.

  • Travel the world and meet other characters. Each character is a separate person. He has friends, enemies, relatives, desires and aspirations.
  • Battle on the battlefield is a hot fight between two armies, where the player can take a personal part with a sword and on horseback.
  • Exploration of mysterious dungeons - mysterious ruins that keep dangers, secrets and treasures.
  • Scenes where you decide the fate of defeated opponents. You decide what it will be - execution, mercy or whatever.
  • Arrival in the city. You can just look around or go, for example, to a tavern
  • Bulletin board. Here the character can choose a task or take a job to earn some money and experience.
  • The character sets up artificial limbs for himself. Yes, you can do it here. It can be just a prosthesis for a limb lost in battle or an exquisite steel jaw that increases charisma.
  • Relationship window with other characters. You can find out who loves our character, and who hates and prepares a knife
  • Marriage proposal scene. In fact, our character is so charming and noble that his chosen one was charmed and agreed
  • The screen of our dynasty. All our relatives, ancestors and heirs are shown here.
  • We create our own city. The most important thing here is to choose the right name :)
  • And finally, the creation of the kingdom. It's very similar to creating a city, but here you also need to choose your own flag)

Friends, this is only part of what awaits you in the game. And each item requires a separate article description. I will deal with a more detailed story later. Thank you for attention.

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