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Hi Folks, Bane here as you now know we have been building up to the main event slowly in recent weeks showing off updated particle effects, changes to our core balance as well as a background story for our final multiplayer release. I now wanted to come to Nemesis as an event itself... and of course let you know why you should be so excited

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What is the nemesis event?

The nemesis event revolves around a new custom map designed as a competitive multiplayer experience centring around both PVE and PVP, it is currently a 4 player map with a station that will challenge players to defeat the station to win the map. The station itself forms a roadblock to reaching other players and its weapon range is quite extreme compared to our normal starbases, unlike our other starbases the Nemesis Station utilises three complicated chains that execute based on the health percentage of the station once the event is triggered.

Whats so different about this you already have miniature boss fights in Final Frontier?

We believe this has not been done in such a way before in Sins and in addition, thanks to changes made by the developers in recent patches allow us to trigger certain chains of events and buffs we've not had access to before.

What can we expect from the station?

the station itself consists of three chains as mentioned above divided into power groups that execute across ten unique phases. As players trigger each phase a new chain cycle begins activating one of the stations many automated defence features.

The chains are divided into the following categories: (You can see a bigger version from our images section)

DAMAGE - A Series of events that inflict damage on the player's engaged vessels.

RESTORE - A Series of events that repair and boost the station's defences.

POWER - A Series of events that target specific player ships and spawn defensive drones.

How will it challenge players?

There is one final chain event that only happens at a certain point in time, in fact, the map will be designed specifically around a chain called DESTRUCTION which will wipe out the entire map in a devastating chain reaction which begins counting down at the start of the game and executes within 2 hours (subject to change) meaning all players lose...

The event itself as well will require players to care fully think about where they position their fleet and what targets they prioritise to keep them in the fight, especially since healing is now not as potent in nemesis.

No mention yet of a release date?

we've never been one to discuss our release dates on dev interviews or updates but long story short, we expect to complete the last remaining pieces and begin multiplayer testing not too far in the future once Bane and Gul have completed their work on the Ascendancy Release with Corey!


Hell yeah! Looking forward this!

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GoG release please?

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Bane(Dev) Author

the current version of FF is compatible with GOG

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