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Clarification that this mod has ceased development.

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Well, It's been well and truly over a year that this project was last officially updated. A Long time to remain silent about something alot of you have been following even to this day.

I figured I would take the time to post this article to clear up everything regarding development of this modification.
Firstly I'd like to officially announce that "Age of the Samurai" is, in its official capacity dead. I left this project quite some time ago for my own reasons and it appears that for the most part, my presence is what spurred true development of this mod on. That said, I am also aware that Captain was trying to organize something to keep the project alive, though I have no way of knowing the status of his attempts, I hope he can get something happening with that, however the team has effectively left this project entirely and as a result, the project is well and truly gone.

I am in contact with almost everyone from the team that worked on this, and we look back on neglecting this project with regret, however we have all grown and changed since then and have moved onto bigger, more ambitious projects with a greater level of skill and dedication than we ever had before. Whilst a mod like this is not exactly something we are working on at the moment, who knows what the future will bring so feel free to follow my ModDB profile if you're interested to see what our next (rather large) project is going to be as soon as we're ready to put up some info.

So, hopefully I've clarified that this mod is indeed dead, and for the forseable future, we will not be working on a Japanese Modification for mount and blade warband.
I apologise for the disappointment this may cause, but hopefully soon enough we can bring news that will get you, the community, excited again.

Cheers, InquisitorFelix

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For **** sake, another great mod/idea is dead. >.>

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sorry to see

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