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The modular trophy lodges are here! Add new rooms, trophy head wall mounts and various decoration items freely with this new modular system.

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

The modular trophy lodges are here! With the new system you are able to build a bigger and more customizable lodge. You can add new rooms of different types, trophy head wall mounts and various decoration items freely. Read through the patch notes to find what else is included!

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New trophy lodge rooms

Players can now add new rooms into their trophy lodges. Your default room is the hall as previously. Now you will spot doors on walls that are highlighted with orange color in the editing mode. When you interact with the doors you can expand the lodge into new rooms.

There are three types of rooms to choose from:

  • Hall (the old default room in game), grid size 2x1, cost to unlock: 200, level required: 1
  • Room, grid size 1x1, cost to unlock: 200, level required: 3
  • Room with fireplace, grid size 1x1, cost to unlock: 400, level required: 5

New room types can be unlocked with credits. Once you’ve unlocked the type you can add as many as you want.

There's a limit to how many rooms you can add to the lodge. Each new room takes up space from your room grid. Starting from your default hall you can expand it with 2 grid slots in each direction making total amount of slots 30 (5x6).




New stand types

There are now five types of stands to display trophies:

  • Stand, Rectangle
  • Stand, Round
  • Stand, Wall
  • Stand, Wall Small
  • Stand, Rectangle with low profile

Trophy head wall mounts

With wall mounts players are able to display dinosaur heads on walls. There are two sizes of wall mounts: one for bigger and one for smaller dinosaurs. When adding dinosaur head for display the list will show compatible dinosaurs only in the list. Currently all dinosaurs can be placed on the wall stands except for Compsognathus, Gallimimus and Iguanodon.


Floor stands

In addition to rectangle stands new round stands were added. There’s also a new rectangle stand with lower profile.


Decoration items

New decoration items can be added to your lodge from the I menu. Most of the items need to be unlocked with player levels and credits but some of them are already open on the first level. Once you’ve unlocked an item you can place as many as you like. You can freely rotate and place the items. You can also remove these items one by one in the edit mode with E key.

Here is list of items you can add:

  • Chair, Leather cushion
  • Chair, Turquoise cushion
  • Table, Small
  • Table, Small type 2
  • Table, Small round
  • Table, Large
  • Bed
  • Bookshelf, Large empty
  • Bookshelf, Small empty
  • Bookshelf, Large with some books
  • Couch, Patterned cushion
  • Couch, Brown cushion
  • Couch, Green cushion
  • Stool, Turquoise cushion
  • Cupboard, Tall with glass door
  • Cupboard, Low with drawers
  • Coat hanger
  • Mirror
  • Shelf, Empty
  • Shelf, With drawers
  • Carpet, Large, Black and white
  • Carpet, Large, Red
  • Carpet, Small Square
  • Carpet, Small Round



Guidance to lodge usage

We’ve added a HUD to trophy lodge that players can show and hide with U key. The HUD is there to guide players to the controls with which you can add items and rotate them.

Floor stands will also display in which direction the dinosaur will be facing making placing them easier. This is shown with orange arrow on top of the stand when placing it.


Resetting your lodge

If you want to start over you can reset your lodge. This enables you to arrange rooms in different way. You won’t lose any unlocks or trophies if you reset the lodge, all of them can be placed again.


New dinosaur model for Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus model got a visual rework.


Other improvements

  • Updated French translation (Thanks MagSouille!)
  • UI grid can now expand when increasing capacity of global stash
  • New footstep sounds to trophy lodge
  • Trophy lodge lightning and reflections have been enhanced. Trophy lodge now uses screen space reflections and cube maps.
  • Improved tranquilizer rifle iron sights aiming

Bug fixes

  • Fixed controller issue in main menu where players weren’t able to select menu items
  • Inventory bug fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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