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Due to many reasons, I can`t continue working on Bear Island project. But all the work that has been made is not lost, all the island would be just changed a bit. Read further to explore more info about my new project.

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Hello, my friends, whoever is following my mod and stuff. I`ve got 100 subscribers already, so I have some news for ya.

1) What happened to my old idea and why did I abandon it.
There are some reasons why I left the idea of recreating the Bear Island from Game of Thrones.
- The lore which stopped me from doing some cool stuff I really wanted to do, like a full-populated town or a castle.
- The amount of work which I had to do alone was too huge, and I came desperate, because even if I would finish it in two years, plotline and quests would suffer much.
- My limited time. I actually even wanted to stop modding Skyrim due to this reason, but the new idea of the mod gave me some motivation to move further.

2) About the new project.


I worried very much about my project. I wanted it to be a successful one, but I realised that Bear Island mod cant be that much popular.
Then I`ve met a new friend, who is luckily my co-worker too. Together we had made a new fabula for the mod. It would be an atmospheric horror combined with an open-world RPG.
My friend is very good at storytelling, and he would be responsible for overall atmosphere and quests. He hasnt registered on Moddb yet, but that is only just a matter of time, and you`ll be able to chat with him soon enough.


We are currently thinking about a title, but the main idea is quite clear. I cannot spoil it though, because this plotline is supposed to surprise a player.

Overall atmosphere would be more dark, but colourful. All the pictures you see are made without any graphical mods (except the green aspens, of cource). Take a look at the night storm weather at this picture:

ScreenShot221 1

3) When to wait?
This question is probably the most interesting for ya. And I`ve got some fine news! After a couple of months we are planning to release a small demo version with some quests to make the players feel the atmosphere and to help us decide whether the project would be worthwhile or not.
This page would be updated soon to fit the new mod.

Well, thats all for now. We`ll try to write about our project often enough and we would be very pleased if you leave some comments below, the response of our audience is very important for us.

Sorry for those who came here only for Ice and Fire world, hope you can forgive me.
See ya,

P.S. There is also a few more screenshots.






Beskamir - - 7,052 comments

Like I already said I'm not a fan of horror games and ASoIaF is much more interesting to me. I'll stick around and see if you can convince me that this change will result in an amazing mod that even a non horror fan would want to give a try.

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XMercury Author
XMercury - - 38 comments

Thank you! I expected exactly that reaction doing this post.

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AncientT - - 425 comments

Does horor work in skyrim? o.o lets find out soon. Ofcourse it works, i was scared shitless in oblivion xD

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XMercury Author
XMercury - - 38 comments

We will try to avoid jumpscares and focus on atmosphere only, because that is the thing that makes things creepy

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