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Yayayayay! We finally finished the menu! ... Oh and we worked a lot on the rest of the game too, but the menu is done!

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We've finally finished the menu for the game! It's taken a lot of time because we wanted to get the overall feel of it right, because when you first load up the game the first thing you're gonna see is the menu and this gives a good feel to the overall aspect of the game.
Now don't worry too much that we've not made any progress in the game, we've got a load more things done, especially one idea that were putting into action that we think will be amazing, especially since we've not seen in any other games that utilise it the same way we plan to and it has so much potential overall for future ideas we may have.

But anyways, welcome to our new menu! (Click to enable).

It's pretty much how we want it to work, except in the actual game the menu options also work and there's creepy sounds when you hover over the menu options! :D

Also, this is very important!
We've looked at the options from the polls about the game name .. and Beta Strain has the lead, we've decided to give this name 9 days to be debated. So if you have any objection to the game being called Beta Strain, say now or before the 20th as this is the day which GB goes on holiday and I have a hectic schedule for several days after this so we won't be able to check.

Thank you!


Wow. This is awesome!

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