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The Regalis Faction brings 3 new commanders to The Maestros, each with their own unique abilities and tactics.

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In our last blog, we let you in on the world of the Teutonians. These crafty and defiant mechs have their own problems as the Regalis forces grow quickly and spread across the world. Regalis are known for their ability to harness deadly natural poisons into Alchemy. The Regalis swarms follow a more natural path than their clunky foes. In this blog, we’ll detail the three Regalis Commanders, and you’ll learn how their unique commanders operate to bring their snakes and insects to the battlefield.

The Serpent Master

This serpentine commander is both a sneaky assassin and expert escape artist. With a ranged attack that allows him to keep a bit of distance between him and his foes, the Serpent Master can quickly jump in and out of combat with his versatile Vortal ability. By creating a two-way portal at a target location within range, the Serpent Master (and all his allies) can quickly engage his enemies, or escape if they are losing the battle.

To really master his gameplay, being a good escape artist is critical for players. Often you will get surrounded by the Teutonics’ heavy melee Juggers who can be dangerous if they get close. Having a quick portal out for your commander means you can live to fight another day.

Using the Vortal to port after a commander is also useful. Many times your opponents will try to escape and surprising them on the run could spell victory!

Rambam Queen

Don't let her cute demeanor trick you, as the Rambam queen is a force to be reckoned with. Preferring to stay in the rear of her engagement, the Rambam Queen lets her minions do the work for her. And she has a trick up her sleeve, as she can summon three of her loyal, more powerful, rambam subjects to further bolster her army. She needs to act quickly though, as these powerful servants will only remain on the field for a short time.

Our resplendent Green Queen controls her minions from afar giving her plenty of options from the back of a battle. It also allows her to run away quickly if things go bad. Relying on her powerful tag team of servants is important, especially knowing when to summon them. If you can pop them at the right time, you will surprise foes and even a commander by bringing them down quickly. The Rabam Queen may be cute, but she is very tough to catch and can alchemically amass minions very quickly.

Hive Mother

Like the swarms of deadly hornets that grant her her namesake, the Hive Mother is an aggressive commander that prefers to dive into the frontlines and face her foes head on. While more fragile than most close range units, the Hive Mother strikes with a power and precise strike that tops those of any of her minions. The Hive Mother can temporarily burst into a swarm of powerful hornets as well, heavily damaging all foes she comes in contact with, and allowing her to travel through all friends and foes.

Alchemists who prefer front line fighting will enjoy playing as the Hive Mother. She can take the fight to the Teutonics quickly. If she gets trapped in the melee, don’t worry her swarm ability can be used for a great damage burst and to relocate through enemies.

So there you have our Regalis faction commanders! We will be back soon with more of the troop and upgrade choices for the Regalis’ armies. Stay tuned!

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