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The Legacy Games, A Dark Fantasy Tactical RPG with innovative turn based mechanics pits players against difficult but fair challenges. Experiment with party compositions, manipulate the weather, and freely draw your own spells.

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The Legacy Games is a turn based tactical RPG set in a dark medieval fantasy world. Recruit, train and command a company of warriors to face difficult challenges in the most prestigious tournament. Experiment with party compositions in an innovative turn based tactical design and discover new combos and synergies between party members. Experience a dark tale of greed, conflict and survival, as you progress, every decision you make will have consequences.



  • Six Unique Character Classes, each with a distinct play style to make up your team; fully customizable with abilities, perks and gear.
  • Brutally Challenging Enemies, with unique RPG mechanics akin to MMORPGs, each boss is a different fight, players need to look out for special abilities and attack patterns.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions, both spells and the environment can affect the state of the weather and vice versa. Fire spells heat up the weather and generate a thundercloud, enhancing all Lightning attacks. Cold spells cool the weather creating a blizzard that freezes everyone on the battlefield.
  • Innovative Turn Based Tactical Combat, characters can perform as many actions so long as they have enough Action Points allowing for pooling and combos to be executed. Enemies will also employ a wide variety of abilities and tactics, watch out for deadly combos from the enemy!

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You can play the demo on PC at Steam and Itchio.

You can watch a lets play of the demo by Mister Bopi.

We are also live currently on Kickstarter.

Hope to see your support!

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