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Hi everyone,

We recently released a Pre-Release demo of Hyphen on Windows and we are pleased to say that so far it has gone down great with everyone!

To celebrate this we have decided to issue a challenge to all you top-notch gamers out there. We think that finishing the 4th level in the demo with a complete 5 star rating is insanely difficult and we would like to see someone besides us pull it off!

So, the deal is - We will give the first person with video evidence of them playing through the entire 4th level and getting a 5 star rating at the end one TOTALLY FREE copy of the full Hyphen game and one TOTALLY FREE copy of the Hyphen Original Soundtrack album when they are released. If the challenge isn't finished by the time the game is released it will continue until someone completes it. The winner will then be given the game and soundtrack immediately.

To take part in this challenge you need to:-

  • Download the Hyphen Pre-Release demo from here
  • Play through to unlock the 4th and final level
  • Practice!
  • When you feel ready, get your favourite screen recording software up and running and record yourself playing the 4th level through and getting the 5 star rating!

If and when you manage to get a video of yourself proving us wrong then you will need to upload it to YouTube and post a link to it in the comment section on the indieDB Hyphen Game Page. The winner will be the first (registered indieDB user) person to post a qualifying video link. No runner up prizes we're afraid!

The video below is of Hyphen developer - Robert Blackburn completing the level with 5 stars - so it is entirely possible!

To get a 5 star rating when you complete a level in Hyphen you need to:-

  • Complete the level
  • Complete the level within the par time
  • Not die at all
  • Not use any checkpoints at all

This is going to be a tough challenge and we wish you the best of luck! And please, if you don't quite manage the challenge and give up or you just want to show us how angry you are at us for subjecting you to Hyphen - still post the video's it will be awesome to see!

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