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The First glimpse of the UI showcasing the text-box and some heads-up text.

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The Hunt for Slenderman Logo #2
Salutations everyone! In the second development progress news post, I showcase the first glimpse of a very simple UI. It includes a text-box with a heads-up text just above it:

'The Hunt for Slenderman' Dev progress #2 image

As you can see, the idea is to bring a text-based mechanic to the game while there is some sort of image or 3D model being displayed in the back and in this case, that 3D model is Slender man doing is thing.

One thing to take note is that the heads-up text display showcases an event that is happening. In the image above, it displays 'Slender man is hunting you!', clearly showing the current event or whatever event is taking place like having a conversation with a NPC, displaying the protagonist thoughts, interaction info and etc.

Also, the text-box will be used to type in the kind of interaction you want to do in the game like 'pick up newspaper, answer phone, etc'. In this case, when Slender man is hunting you, the heads-up text will display subtle hints that will help you get away from Slender. All you have to do, is to type in the right text in the text-box that in someway relates to the subtle hints.

So far, the UI is very simplistic but I will improve it's design over time so that it looks much more attracting. I will also work on the text-parser this week, which basically is the mechanic that reads your text and then does the corresponding event based on your text. As soon as I finish the text-parser mechanic, I will upload a gameplay video based on that mechanic.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!

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