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Development progress showcasing the movement of Slender man and setting ideas how to improve it.

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Hello everyone! Today I'm going to showcase a little bit more of what I've done so far in terms of development. Before I continue, I have to say that I'm almost done with the first chapter of the storyline. For those who don't know, The Hunt for Slenderman will have five chapters. It will not be episodic.

Now, below is a link of a video I uploaded earlier on showcasing the movement of slender man when someone makes the wrong choice. For every wrong decision you make, slender man moves closer to you until at some point he has you into his grasp. You can find the video here.

As showcased, slender man jumps from one point to another in a 'zig-zag' form. This, basically, gives me an Idea of how slender man will move in the game. Now, it ain't perfect so far and it's definitely not scary when Slender man comes near to you but like I said, it just a concept of how he will move.

Now, below is some notes I made that I think I should add to this kind of scene:

  1. Let Slender man jump in random areas but not outside the border of the screen.
  2. Play different 'white' noises when he catches you.
  3. A heartbeat sound that increases/decreases it's heart rate when he comes closer or moves further away.
  4. Make a distortion effect on the screen much like the earlier slender games.

As expressed above, that's some ideas I want to add when you face slender man. The game is still far from finish but it's making progress each and every day. I will post another news blog when the first chapter of the storyline is finished. If you guys have any ideas that I should add to the 'Slender scene' then feel free to comment or even sent me a private message.

I know what I showcased so far isn't much or even impressive but I'll do my best to make this game fun for everyone to play. Stay tuned this weekend for another news blog.

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