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In this new little News we are talking about the Past and whats going to happen in the future and what kind of new technology we use to make the developing process even easier.

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Hey my lovely followers and fans.
We are finally back after 1 year of pausing on this big big project.

First i have to make the biggest announcement i could ever do. The Hero of Time is gonna be Converted and Developed on the Unreal Engine 4 now !
I am very proud to announce this as Unreal Engine 4 is just stunning. We hope we can bring an awesome experiance when it comes to lightning with the new Engine. We have possibilities the UDK never had.
Also our AI Problems are pretty much solved with the awesome Blueprint system Unreal engine 4 is working with.

To State some progress we are currently in the process of converting all of our existing content to UE 4. After that we continue to work on Little Links Part and we are going to Release that first and then we focus on the 2nd Part. Ones that's done we are going to release the 2nd Part seperatly and also a full version including both parts for those who didn't played the first part till then.

Most of the basic things are already done in UE 4. Our saving works just fine, our rupee system is in place and our heart system is running and wants to slash some enemies.
The battle system is currently in the works and once that's done we focus on our maps, scripting and then the AI of enemies. I can't show anything right now as it's very much WIP right now. But soon we are going to have something to show you.

The Team also consists of 5 new members. We have me as Producer and Level Designer and Community Manager. Then we have our Sound Designer, our 3D Modeller, our 2D HUD Modeller, our Scripter who does all the fun stuff behind the scenes and last but not least another Level Designer working with me on all the stuff you actually see.

I am very happy to be back and i know some of you might have missed us but yeah we do our best to finally release this and bring you some The Hero of Time experiance to your home.

Thanks for reading and till next time.


PS: Kudos to Midna01 on Deviantart for the Preview Picture. Cheers



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Welcome back!

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