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Hi everybody! I started to rework the conception of my map the Halls of Thranduil, I will post pictures in the same time than I making the map to show my progression.

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Being not totally satisfied with the first version of my map "The Halls of Thranduil" I decided to start a new version of her now that I have made progress in the model and map making.
I will so as in my other map making articles, show you how I proceed to make this map step by step.

For this new version of the maps my objectives will be:
- Making the map closer to the mood of the movies
- Refresh my old models of mirkwood (except the gate and the jail, the other models need some rework)
- Add life to the map, not just a caverne without civilians. I will make something with habitations inside the mountain to resolve this problem but I will explain that to you later
- Polish the map cincerning the nature presence, The Halls of Thranduil are for the moment only composed by rock texture, I want to remove that and to add some vegetation inside the mountain as in the movie.

I start now with some picture of inspiration than I will use to make the map better:

More to come...

Sons_of_Durin - - 431 comments

Very good concepts. good luck :D and also gonna use those concepts in creating that scene for TLD.

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⚔{KingElessar} - - 16 comments

veary nice continue your work :D

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Glorfindel23 Author
Glorfindel23 - - 1,470 comments

Thanks, we currently work on the faction plans ;)

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