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The Gravity has finally been released after 6 weeks of hard work! Keep reading to see what we have changed!

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Thank you!
First of all, the team behind The Gravitist wants to thank everybody for their support and feedback. You guys helped us to get the game where it is right now. Thank you!

What has been changed?

Collect coins!
Coins have been scattered around in every level. They have been placed in both easy and hard to reach places. This will add a new and exciting challenge to the game!

Screenshot 20181011 131900 The G

Buy powers!
With those newly acquired coins the player can now buy one of the 3 power-ups. You can either buy an extra life, slow down or be invincible. This way the coins aren’t a useless filler, but actually something important!

Screenshot 20181011 132226 The G

New falling animation!
Nobody wants to stare at a boring idle animation the whole game through. So we made a brand new animation to make falling even more awesome!

GIF falling anim

And much more…
I can keep going forever showing you all the new features we put into to game. All I can say it has something to do with 2 new levels, portals and possibly a black hole…

Download the game!
Download the game now in the Google Play Store. Thanks for reading, and… HAPPY TURNING!

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