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A Note found in the mansion in the back of one of the offices, near a Pigmask.

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We have read books and heard myths of the miracle, that time can be controlled, and that we can jump back or even FORWARD to a point in time, to see, feel and breathe in the air of the world from the past and future, This Highly advanced Orgone using Device, will proof that the barriers of time can be broken, Having worked together with the engineer, and preparing everything for the; "Great Night" where the century will burn, and the clock will stop to tick, This highly toxic, powerful yet genius Device shall be our backup plan, incase something goes wrong... We might have to take the risk, to go back to a point before the night, where we could go back and fix... our mistake. This shall be one of my last entries. The Pigs are grunting and hungry for the flesh, and the Machine is boiling.

- O. Mandus

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 17

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 18

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 19

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