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A sad and suspenseful story about the development of update 1.2 of When Light faded and a little bit more

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I have some REALLY bad news. PLEASE READ THIS!

The story: Last week, I was just about to launch Unity to keep working on the next update for when Light Faded when this message pops up stating that I should delete a folder that was associated with another accidentally made project within the one for this game. I misread it and deleted the one for the game instead. A few days later, I opened it successfully after copying it to my other hard drive, but all of the scenes and stuff was messed up. I finally deleted the RIGHT FILE in the original project and opened it. Same result. "Goodbye, game. I'm really gonna miss you" was what I said to myself then.

The aftermath: I don't know. I may just let the game sit here or something like that. OR BETTER YET, MAKE A SEQUEL! This sequel could have new settings, characters and stuff. I could add less repetition (According to my research on YouTube, this kind of thing seemed to have unintentionally trolled a few players) and a new storyline that immediately follows the ending of When Light Faded. The game may be once again a free-to-play indie game and actually have Oculus Rift Support and other cool knacks.

The conclusion: What would you like to see in the sequel? NPCs? New voices? Love interests? Climactic, exciting ending ? Discuss it with your fellow players in the comments of this post, the summary page and the forums. Enjoy your day, and remember...


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