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Just a history lesson for those of you who forgot some of your Star Wars history, enjoy.

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Remembering the climax of the Galactic Civil War
In the first three years of the Galactic Civil War {2 BBY to 0 BBY} the Alliance really wasn't much of a navy, at best they was a paramilitary. There wasn't many direct assaults, it was mainly hit and run, and bring aid to as many people as they could. Zoom ahead seven years into the war from the start {4 ABY} and they had a navy. Not an Galactic Imperial size navy but one none the less. After 23 years of Imperial rule the galaxy had finally learned of how cruel the Imperials could be; and the Alliance, after seven years of fighting was nearly exhausted. Despite their built-to-last fighters and armor piercing weapons, they could not compete with the endless number of soldiers, tie fighters, and fleets the Imperials kept throwing at them. The leader of the Empire, Darth Sidious, knew the Alliance had their backs against the wall and planed to finish them off in the outer rim over a forest moon. He allowed the plans to slowly fall into the Alliances' hands and hid two thirds of the entire Imperial fleet on the other side of the moon, then made false intel about how must of the fleet is spread around the galaxy. The Alliance believed he was ling and attacked a world in the mid rim, they was met with only little resistance. Sidious ignored the attack and chose to wait for the Alliance's next more. With no other options they united the Mon Calamari, Sullustans, Wookiees, Bothans, Verpine, miralukas; even a few smugglers, and mercenaries. Sense they were bogged down and running out of options the Empire waited to see their final move. The Alliance was basically scraping every war asset and resource they could find. They sent a strike team to the surface of Endor to neutralize a shield protecting the second Death Star. Then the fleet entered hyperspace and had a quiet ride to Endor and soon began a space battle. native Indian-bears called Ewoks joined in the battle and help the strike team destroy the shield generator. During the space battle the Empire was mostly winning but soon became over whelmed. The Alliance started destroying their Destroyer's and frigates one by one. The Executor, flagship of the Imperial navy, was destroyed and so was much of their leadership. The shield generator was soon destroyed and a group entered in the Death Star and destroyed it from inside out. With the Death Star gone, their leadership gone, and one third of their fleet gone most retreated into hyperspace and went to Kuat. Soon after the galaxy had a big block like party where everyone was celebrating. The Allaince became the Alliance of Free Planets and brought back the Republic.

I've gotten a few requested to return to modding. I don't know, I'd have to relearn how to mod and edit things all over again. I really wasn't sure if I'd ever return to modding again but if I get enough request I suppose I could at least consider it.

Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

Well Larry-3, you are the only modder that I know of who ever put Grace Kelly in command of a Star Destroyer. ;-)

Seriously though, the work that you have done on the Violet Alliance / Alliance at War has been excellent; you have talent as a modder, and it would be awesome to see you continue in this venue. It would equally great to see a new version of the Alliance at War on the downloads page, as I notice that the downloads which you had before are missing. I have downloaded just about everything that you have released, and have found your mod to be "most impressive." :-)

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umad41 - - 392 comments

Make a comeback? Please? I want to see this mod.

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Bisszy4ever - - 1,706 comments

Would like too see you back Larry 3 :).

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Larry-3 Author
Larry-3 - - 667 comments

Thanks everybody. (^:
I'll give you all a answer on my next news post, promise.

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