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Fellow TR fans... As for recently reaching another milestone, I decided to make biggest post I ever made. I know I blacked out for a while, so I thought you deserve detailed look on what to expect from TR in the near future. So lets run it from A to Z!

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We see that the original TS was left unfinished and buggy. Thats why we collected as much feedback as we could and tried to re-balance and patch the game. We used @Humble's patch as a base and modified it as best as we could. We also tried to make some units *cough* Jump Jet *cough* not suck... It needs some more testing, but we are on a good way!



A few players (including me) likes to build pretty bases in TS. Walls, gates, pavements - just perfect! But something was missing, right? Thats why we added buildable Light Towers and Light Posts. We balanced them, so the player has an actual motivation to build them. Eg. Light Tower now targets (highlights) enemy units and AI is forced to attack the Light Tower if highlighted by it, which creates another interesting tactics and possible defense mechanisms... In addition to these buildings, we also removed "2-step" Component Tower, so the GDI player does not need to do two steps instead of one while building base defences.



As always, getting in touch with all developers and agreeing on schedule/time is sometimes a problem, but that is not that big deal. I believe I can say, that all of us are a friends now and our relationship is not just profesional, which I am really glad for. :)


Launch date

We are getting closer to the release of TR 3.0, which will be our biggest update so far. I would really like to tell you specific launch date, but unfortunately I can not... We are trying to do as much as we can, but real life needs some attention as well. Anyway, we will try to deliver it by the end of the March!



As you well know, TR is supposed to have 4 campaign maps and up to 6 skirmish maps! We recently focused on testing and polishing the ones that already exist, but we promise to release another one soon. And of course you can play all the original TS / FS maps with TR interface!



I am very excited to announce, that TR will become standalone since the upcoming update. This means everyone, literally EVERYONE will be able to play it. This step will give us more freedom and will give you better experience and more stable gameplay. Huge thanks goes to @Rampastring for sharing this client and his support! You rock man :P So, what about the first look on the new main menu? I can proudly say, that up to 90% of textures and sounds were replaced / remastered!



As you know TR has 2 soundtracks so far - To be Feared (by Frank Klepacki), Trouble (by Holland). We are bringing the next one called Alert & Awakened (by Holland). In my opinion this is the best one so far. It matches TS atmosphere so well! Nice job @Holland You can check it out here:


Some units were added, some were re-mastered and some were removed. Most of these changes were necessary / needed, so I believe you all will accept them :) One of the new units is going to be the next bossfight in the game. Even stronger and frightening than the Core Defender. Check out its first reveal video here:


Two C&C YouTubers agreed to playthrough the campaign once it is finished! I am very happy for this and I believe they will like the mod! Meanwhile, I am already preparing another trailer for the final version of the mod... Check out their channels here:

If you want to know more or talk to us, be sure to join our official Discord:

Cheers :P

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