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The full patchnote from v 0.25 to 0.26.2 List of changes in the latest updates

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The full patchnote from v 0.25 to 0.26.2

Logo WW2 Absolute Power

List of changes in the update from 28.11.2020
General update v 0.25.3

Reduced the total size of the downloaded files (if this is the first update). Launcher edits.

- Fixed japan airfield gate
- Fixed missing textures of containers on the construction site of the germany airfield
- Fixed the lack of texture on the tower with medium damage at the airfield of the USSR
- Fixed the inscription "airfield" on the "airfield" at the allied airfield
- Moved texture files - removed unused ones (reduced size and total number)
- Fixed hotkey file - camera control returned to arrows
- Fixed hotkey file - rewind in replays by pressing the F key
- Fixed conflicts (duplicates) of hotkeys for building some units and / or calling abilities in the language file
- Removed the winter texture from the royal tiger (broken)
- Fixed the disappearance of the gun barrel of su85 when getting promoted on some maps
- Fixed the disappearance of the gun barrel of the ISU152 when getting promoted on some maps
- Removed model KV-2 from the model of the USSR Heavy Factory (broken texture + it is not needed there by itself)
- Changed the armament of the AT infantry: for the Allies and the USSR - 3 shots with a CD of 12 sec, large one-time damage, reloading a pack - 30 sec, smaller radius
- Changed the armament of anti-tank infantry: Germany and Japan - 2 shots with CD 15 sec, large one-time damage, reloading a pack - 40 sec, larger radius
- Fixed bouncing of all trucks on death / taking damage from some types of weapons
- Changed loading of all trucks - instead of machine gunners, now arrows
- Changed the degree of damage to the landing party when a truck dies - now it dies when it dies in unarmored vehicles and gets 50% in armored vehicles (not all)
- German armored personnel carrier sdkfz251 received the default infantry load - 8 shooters
- Increased the number of missiles from 9 to 15 in special. German skill "Bombardment of the FAU-1". Spread and damage remain the same.
- Fixed the absence of a combat zone on the "Defense" map (bots should now develop better on it)
- Fixed the absence of a combat zone on the "No Chances" map (bots should now develop better on it)
- Added an additional bridge on the map "No Chances" and improved old ones
- Expanded passages through the swamp on the "Lighthouse" map
- Fixed missing objects on the "Lighthouse" map
- Fixed missing objects on the map "Al Jaffa"
- Fixed missing objects on the "Factory" map
- Fixed missing objects on the "Spring Melody" map
- Completely redesigned "Ice River" map
- Changed lighting on the map "Stuttgart" (from evening to morning)
- Edits of erroneous and duplicate scripts for all bots - the number of TDs should decrease
- Edits for superheroes of all factions in bots - now they should build normally and use abilities
- Fixes of promotions of all factions in bots - the number of TDs should decrease
- Reduced the amount of cache received by bots
- Fixed pink textures for destroyed guns
- Fixed pink textures on debris of destroyed civilian buildings
- Fixed pink textures for some bombs
- Added new Hulk that appears when German supply trucks die
- Fixed descriptions of all trucks with infantry and medical vehicles.
- Fixed incorrect descriptions of the barracks, factory and airfield in Japan
- Editing water on the IceRiver map (reduced current speed)
- Map "Tranquil Lands": removed the tree sticking out of the middle of the CC in the upper respawn
- Replaced supports on the IceRiver map with default ones
- Replaced the model from the default supply (SupplyDock) with the model from the SupplyWarehouse (only model, bones and loading type unchanged)
- Fixed the flight of guns and motorcycles into space.
- Fixed the type of death in the German transport Opel (the corpse after death could fly away with some types of damage even after the previous edit)
- When choosing training for tank crews of the USSR, the veteran stripe was also added to the BT-5
- Fixed the lack of a forty-five in the sub-faction "NKVD" of the USSR
- Fixed the lack of chemical. fillings for bombs Arado 234 when choosing acc. upgrade
- Increased the damage and radius of damage of the FAU-1 cruise missiles, decreased the spread of the main shells. Conventional division of approximately 5 missiles per 100 spread. Those. 5 missiles will hit 100, 10 - 200, 15 - 300.
- Added 47mm Type 1 light anti-tank gun for Japan (model from PAK 35)
- Changed the locomotive of the Japanese support truck (they are now the same for all support trucks).
- Changed the locomotive of the Japanese doser (they are now the same for all doser).
- Increased the number of Japanese Doser HP (armor type unchanged).
- Reduced japan factory price (3000 -> 1800)
- Reduced electricity consumption for Japan (-1 at the shopping center, Factory and Airfield)
- Increased power generation by Power Plant Japan (6 -> 8)
- Added "overload" mode for Power Plant Japan (+8 to power generation, loss of 3% HP per second, auto-shutdown when HP falls <5%)
- Added a firestorm when destroying Japan Power Plant
- Increased the duration of the action of chemicals on the ground (20 -> from 30 to 50 sec)
- Transport trucks of all nations (with infantry planted inside, who has them) are now available only after the construction of a supla (previously required a barracks)
- Reduced the view and detection range of hidden targets for sdkfz263 (mobile radar of germany). The price was increased from $ 350 to $ 800.
- Reduced the view and detection range of hidden targets for sdkfz232 (forward reconnaissance).
- Reduced detection range of hidden targets for snipers (all nations). The field of view was left the same. Now it is always smaller than that of reconnaissance vehicles (not to be confused with the view, here the infantry is always> any ground vehicles) Increased the detection range y - - Increased the detection range of hidden targets at Observation towers (now it is equal to their default view range).
- Increased the price of the Bunker and the Bunker from $ 450 to $ 600
- Added an upgrade for invisibility of bunkers (purchased for each separately).
- Changed the invisibility upgrade for Soviet and Japanese infantry - now it is invisible and in motion. Price increased from $ 2000 to $ 2500.
- Changed the upgrade to invisibility of the USSR equipment (sub-faction of the NKVD) - now it is invisible and in motion. Price unchanged. Now also applies to T34-85.
- Increased the range of KV2 from 230 to 350, added secondary damage and spread, corrected the minimum firing distance, reduced reloading (18 -> 16 sec).
- Corrected the minimum firing distance, secondary damage and dispersion of ISU152, reduced reloading (16 -> 14 sec).
- Increased the amount of HP in the KV-1 before and after the armor upgrade.
- Reduced the number of HP of StugIII before and after the upgrade to armor. Armor types before / after the second upgrade unchanged. Price increased by $ 100. Reduced vision by 10.
- All trucks with infantry, med vehicles and motorcycles are now available only after building a supla (previously required a barracks).
- Fixed Flak88 commandset (added "attack in motion" command).
- Editing the rate of destruction of the Japanese power plant in the "overload" mode

List of changes in the update from 16.02.2021 Update "Absolute Power"
General update v 0.25.8

Includes all edits from internal updates v 0.25.4 - v 0.25.8

- Brought back english localization of scripts and worldbuilder back
- Added new ShellMap - "Kursk Bulge"
- Introduced an adapted map for 3 players "Infinite Justice" (ZH)
- Introduced an adapted map for 3 players "Flash Effect" (ZH)
- Introduced an adapted map for 6 players "Hostile Dawn" (ZH)
- Changed some settings in GameData - the number of desyncs when playing online should be reduced.
- Edits of the configuration files of all maps (there should be fewer departures and AP)
- Edits in bot scripts (there should be fewer crashes and AP)
- Increased the number of resources in all small boxes / barrels by 2 times
- Reduced the prohibition zone for building a super near resources from 50 to 20 (default value in ZH)
- Fixed the "Additional charges" upgrade icon
- Fixed the icon for the reset zone of allies and germany (secondary)
- Fixed the lack of display of the upgrade for the capture of buildings from the Germans sub-faction SS machine gunners and German riflemen
- Fixed pictures of some upgrades
- Fixed Chinese textures at Japanese propaganda tower and airfield
- Fixed pink texture sometimes remaining after cannon death
- Fixed pink textures of germany motorcycle corpse
- Removed decal of radiation protection when buying an upgrade for gas masks
- Removed damaged wilberwind model (all camouflages)
- Fixed "takeoff to heaven" of the wreck of the destroyed British M16 anti-aircraft gun
- Fixed disappearance of Japanese infantry "nowhere" with some types of death
- Fixed the appearance of German officers in some USSR vehicles
- Fixed the appearance of USSR officers in some vehicles
- Fixed the appearance of Japanese officers in some vehicles
- Fixed the appearance of German officers in some vehicles
- Added allied pilots for all allied vehicles that can have veterancy
- Fixed type of damage from pistol
- Fixed animation of firing medics and officers (everyone who used pistols)
- Fixed animations of walking of orderlies of the USSR and the USA when wounded
- Fixed allied pilot animations
- Fixed japan officer animations
- Fixed animation of throwing grenades at Colonel Barton (taken from a knife)
- Changed the animation of throwing grenades at the Japanese shooter (taken from the bayonet attack)
- Changed the animation of throwing grenades at the japanese machine gunner
- Changed the animation of throwing grenades at the submachine gunner of the Germans under the SS (paratrooper)
- Changed the animation of capturing buildings with grenades from an SS submachine gunner
- Changed the animation of capturing buildings with grenades from the USSR machine gunner
- Changed the animation of capturing buildings grenades for all Allied infantry
- Added skeletons of destroyed equipment, who do not have them (for example, anti-aircraft guns and armored vehicles dying from art)
- The hulk of all equipment has been completely sawn through - now there should be no errors associated with it (non-existent objects at least).
- Fixed the dimensions of the German Flak-88 model (was too healthy)
- Fixed the dimensions of the German Pak-40 model (was too healthy)
- Fixed the dimensions of the model captured by Art. BR-18 platform (was too healthy)
- Fixed the disappearance of textures of the Allied CC model when receiving damage on winter maps
- Fixed muzzle of the IS-3 shot when it gets veterancy
- Fixed incorrect texture of ISU-152 on winter maps
- Fixed the texture of money boxes dropped from planes or standing on the map.
- Fixed possible cause of desynchronization due to the lack of model and textures of the box when the dozer dies
- Removed a box with money left after destroying dozers
- Fixed the remaining boxes in the corpses of Opel supltrak Germany
- Fixed the absence of a corpse in all types of trucks Opel Germany
- Fixed corpses of autokamikaze japan
- Fixed the absence of a corpse for all types of trucks ZiS USSR
- Fixed delayed disappearance of a nuclear bomb after an explosion
- Fixed model settings for USSR armored vehicles on winter maps
- Fixed model settings for units with personal textures on certain types of maps
- Fixed model settings for units using more than 1 type of weapon.
- Fixed notification sounds in some upgrades (replacement with the standard UpgradeComplite)
- Made separate versions of lend-lease vehicles (old models, changed voice acting and available upgrades to Soviet ones).
- Fixed Hetzer commandset (no radius display)
- Fixed obstruction of the railway platform for infantry and vehicles, which could negatively affect the gameplay on some maps (RailStationPlatform1 object)
- Fixed a bug due to which mines did not deal damage to artillery of 1 level
- Added "scanning" for anti-aircraft guns and jeeps of the air space around them (just visually, the turret turns back and forth when idle)
- Fixed twitching of the tower when firing at some tanks, which can be equipped with a flamethrower
- Increased the traverse speed of the PzI turret for balance
- The turret traverse speed of all tanks has been increased 2 times.
- Increased the traverse speed of the chassis of all tanks (except for tank destroyers) by 2 times. Travel speed and acceleration / deceleration dynamics - no changes.
- Introduced 2 types of shells for all tanks (BB and HE), who had them (by analogy with artillery). At the same time, tank destroyers are deprived of shells with HE shells (except for those who had them as the main ammo, i.e. some assault guns).
- Added the ability to switch between AP and HE types of shells in the commandsets of vehicles that have received separate HE shells (by analogy with artillery). Units independently choose the appropriate type of projectile for the target, if it has not been forcibly changed by the player.
- All HE shells are assigned a partial explosion with the rise of the earth into the air and the formation of a crater from the shell at the explosion site
- Increased the damage and hitting radius of the Ju87 bomb
- Increased bomber damage
- Increased damage of pumped bombs of fighters, Il-2 attack aircraft and p47 fighters
- Increased the damage of Il-2 attack aircraft and p47 fighters
- Reduced damage of I-16 fighter missiles
- Increased spread of all artillery by 50%
- Increased the damage of level 1 AP shells versus level 1 Armor by 50%
- Increased the minimum range of fire, fixed the type of damage and added spread for long-range turrets
- All artillery has only 1 type of shell left (2 after the upgrade to chemical weapons).
- Increased CD for all artillery
- Artillery shells have been completely redesigned - now they have a larger radius of destruction, but at the same time, they also have a larger spread across the target
- Complete rebalancing of all types of armor and weapons.
- Removed reinforced armor of allied artillery - after a general upgrade, armor simply adds 20-30% hp.
- Reworked the impact of chemical weapons on troops
- Increased energy consumption by airfields for all nations by 2 times
- Fixed lack of restrictions on airfields for Japan (added standard for all in 5pcs)
- Increased build time for all German TigerII, JagdTiger and SturmTiger by 40%
- Reduced build time for Japanese Ho-Ri and Chi-Ri by 15%
- Changed price of German tank destroyer "Hetzer" (450-> 600)
- Changed price of Allied tank destroyer "Archer" (700 -> 600)
- Changed price (470 -> 800) and build time (15 -> 24) of a truck with Allied infantry
- Changed price (400 -> 850) and construction time (10 -> 26) of the sdkfz251b armored personnel carrier with German infantry
- Changed price (450 -> 750) and build time (15 -> 24) of a truck with German infantry
- Changed price (400 -> 300) of the German medic truck
- Changed price (400 -> 500) and construction time (12 -> 26) of the medic truck with the USSR infantry
- Brought back 4 shooters to the USSR medic
- Increased the view of the Japanese Type93 armored vehicle from 200 to 310
- Japanese armored vehicle Type93 is now available for a choice of 1 of the upgrades: invisibility or detection
- All armored vehicles of allies Daimler now have a choice of 1 of the upgrades: invisibility or detection
- To build the German armored vehicle sdkfz232 (Puma), an already built Light Factory is now required. Construction is still in CC
- Upgrade to invisibility is no longer available for sdkfz232 (Puma)
- The detection range for the USSR BA-64 armored vehicle has been reduced from 300 to 240. Detection still works "from the factory".
- Fixed detection of invisible by propaganda towers.
- All snipers except Japanese can no longer detect invisible ones
- Japanese snipers now detect invisibility while sitting in buildings or vehicles
- All air reconnaissance aircraft now detect invisible
- Speed ​​of arado234 increased 2 times
- Replaced the V-1 model (so far temporary)
- Adjusted the accuracy of blitz bombing, V-1 and kamikaze
- Fixed damage done to V-1 and kamikaze
- Reduced the number of bombs on the He-111 bomber (8 -> 6) when using the germany special ability
- Removed superability from Germany "mines from the air"
- Added superability for japan "mines from the air"
- Removed officers and snipers from all troop drops of all factions
- Reduced Japan superhero ability timer (from 4:30 to 2:00)
- Increased the timer for calling the air setting of mines for all nations by 1 minute (from 5 to 6 minutes)
- Reduced the "Repair Immediately" call timer by 1 minute (from 4 to 3 minutes)
- Reduced the timer for calling Airborne troops for all nations by 2 times (from 6 to 3 minutes)
- Reduced the timer for all types of "Rage / Panzer Chocolate" increase by 2 times (from 6 to 3 minutes)
- Added superweapon for the Allies: nuclear bomb. Costs $ 6,000, available at rank 5, requires a Strategic Center to build, cooldown: 10 minutes.

List of changes in the update from 01.03.2021 Update "Absolute Power"
General update v 0.26

- Increased speed of PzI (Panzerwaffe subfaction)
- Increased damage of ISU-152 and KV-2 vs heavy tanks
- Increased build cost of StugIII (650-> 750)
- Increased build time for StugIII (12.0-> 16.0)
- Increased the rate of fire of all machine guns in the game by 2 times
- All machine guns got a scatter in the area and hit particles on the ground (visual effect of "suppression fire")
- Fixed funnels from explosions
- Fixed the size of the allied jeep (and lend-lease)
- Fixed incorrect display of seats for daimler, jeep and autoblindo
- Replaced background image displayed instead of ShellMap
- Fixed the lack of textures onboard pzIII screens on desert maps
- Changed the name of the Japanese super infantryman, now it is Hiroo Onoda
- Fixed missing muzzle texture for snipers
- Removed the mountain from the "Infinity Justice" map (could give TD)
- Introduced an adapted map for 2 players "Snowy Drought" (ZH)
- Introduced an adapted map for 2 players "Summer Arena" (Summer Arena from ZH)
- Introduced an adapted map for 2 players "Badlands" (Barren Badlands from ZH)

List of changes in the update from 04.03.2021 Update "Absolute Power"
General update v 0.26.1

- Fixed display of infantry inside BA-6
- Redesigned commandsets for all vehicles that can carry infantry (checking and editing the location of the evacuation button).
- Added a timer after using the ability to install dynamite by infantry (the timer is equal to the countdown time before the explosion in 20 seconds)
- Fixed a bug where PzI did not attack by default without selecting a wall of fire
- Fixed the incorrect texture of the Tiger tank in SS-subfraction when it was promoted
- Changed the texture of the standard anti-tank mine to a better one
- Changed the "wall of fire" kameos to be more suitable for the style of the mod
- Increased the delay in the start of vehicle remoting for dozers of all nations from 1 to 4 seconds, so that vehicles under enemy fire cannot be healed faster than they are damaged.
- Removed the ability to crush vehicles with a Japanese dozer. Can crush the infantry only.
- Fixed the type of armor of the Japanese dozer from medium tank to light tank
- Removed the flamethrower from the Japanese dozer from the start. Now he will be equipped with it after the upgrade to a flamethrower in the Factory, but in return, the dozer will lose speed.
- Radically reduced damage by flamethrowers (all) to armored vehicles. Damage to infantry, buildings and vehicles without armor remains the same.
- Removed individual equipment of equipment with flamethrowers through the purchase of a secondary upgrade. Now vehicles receive a flamethrower immediately, instead of the main weapon.
- In connection with the cancellation of the individual upgrade, the price of the general upgrade has been increased from 800 to 2000 (returned back, as it was before)
- Changed the description of the upgrade for equipping armored vehicles with flamethrowers (added a list of vehicles)
List of vehicles that can be equipped with a flamethrower:
- SS-Ki (Japanese dozer)
- T-26
- Pz.Kpfw.I
- Pz.Kpfw.III (only for the SS sub-faction)
- M3 Stuart
- Mk.II Matilda
I took away the possibility of using flamethrowers from the rest of the equipment (who had it).

List of changes in the update from 07.03.21
General update v 0.26.2

- Fixed the muzzle of the shot in the Tiger II after getting the stripe
- The Italian M13 tank of the German SS sub-faction is now only available from rank 2. There are no changes in characteristics and prices.
- Updated the description of the watchtower
- Added hotkey to switch m / d commandsets for dozers [V]
- Changed the time of entering invisibility for infantry and vehicles. Now its 3.5 seconds for infantry, 5 seconds for vehicles
- Fixed errors in the commandsets of some buildings of the USSR, Germany and the Allies when choosing 2 subfactions at once.
- Some changes in the settings of the German officer (possibly reduce the number of errors).
- Increased the minimum firing range for all types of weapons (possibly reducing the number of errors).

We also updated the game launcher

First of all, I apologize for the delay, I have several times postponed the scheduled release date of the next update for several months, trying to bring it to the "ideal" (at least, as it looked from my point of view. It paid off, although I had to work it's pretty hard on it, but I think it was worth it in the end, thanks for your patience, well, most of you who could wait))

Generals, be careful! Unfortunately, we again had to move to a new hosting, and although the launcher can now update itself correctly, in case you still have problems, we recommend using the version from the full installer

Repeat: IF the old launcher does NOT work, please use the new updated launcher OR full-installer!

launcher 111

General list of improvements in the launcher (v.111):

Includes all edits from internal updates v 103 - v 111

- Fixed error displaying the line that the test mode is enabled
- Fixed a bug with displaying the game language switching (toggle switch) if the game location is not found
- Changed the button "Support us" (opened the page with the details for donations) to "Help", which opens the FAQ (the name is specially written clumsily so that people pay attention and click on it).
- Added the message "Updates not found" to the launcher (if there are no updates or there is no server access to them)
- Added a "cancel" button (cross) to close the settings window without saving.
- Added the ability to set the resolution of the game - performance is still in question, please check especially hard!
- Added a window for logging (the checkbox for unlocking it becomes available in test mode, the window appears after restarting the launcher).
- Edits in the way of saving information about status and errors for their output in the log window
- Changed the way of updating the launcher, its configuration and assembly (the bat-script did not work well for everyone due to the difference in OS features) - now this is an application of 2 packages (launcher and updater)
- Raised the version to the one specified on the server so that there are no eternal requests for updates
- Corrected the display of the number of users online (Online 0 Generals)
- Fixed duplicate lines related to the number of users
- Removed the display of debug info-lines coming from the server
- Cut out an unused debug window for displaying users online in test mode, otherwise it could bug.
- New window for displaying users online (built into the default launcher interface), available in all modes
- Fixed a bug when exiting the launcher (it was not displayed, but the JVM was giving an exception)
- Now the launcher uses the username specified by him in the game (you need to check what will happen when you first start after creating the game - when I publish a new installer)
- Fixed the assembly of the launcher update (with some system settings, the downloaded file was immediately opened instead of starting)

General list of improvements in the launcher (v.112):

- Changed the address of the game update server due to the move

New version of full-installer was released!

We are glad to present you a new full installer for the new version 0.26!

Due to the fact that many people encounter problems installing the mod, so we decided to create a full-fledged installer for the game (pre-installed Generals ZH is not needed for complete installation). There is support for choosing the language of the installer (Caution! The installer does not change the language of the game itself!).

The parts of the game that will be added later can be obtained through our launcher. The release of the updates will be posted here in the information window launcher in our Discord & VK group.

After installing the game, be sure to launch the launcher (by default, the shortcuts that will created in the installer lead to it), it will install the game language at the first start (depending on the system language, also you can change it to another by switching the toggle switch on the main page of launcher).

Previous versions of the mod are most likely not compatible with this one (i wrote this, just becouse compartitable test is not ended now), so you will need to reinstall it using the installer.

If you have Generals ZH, you can download the launcher separately - it will install the mod files into it (more details in the FAQ, after we update it).

In case of any problems during installation or in the mod itself, you can always ask for prompt help in our
1 AsB hCguMYC wEG2B


this mod gets better and better. great work guys. i will try it asap

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